I'm a beauty expert…the hairs you should NEVER pluck – don't be tempted by ingrown hairs or those on your bikini region | The Sun

I'm a beauty expert…the hairs you should NEVER pluck – don't be tempted by ingrown hairs or those on your bikini region | The Sun


WHILE it can be tempting to get your tweezers out and have a poke around at stray hairs, a beauty expert has revealed that there are a variety of body parts that you should never pluck.

Whilst body hair is perfectly normal, a lot of us choose to remove some unwanted ones, and it's always handy to have a good pair of tweezers around for any unexpected regrowth. 

But CEO of Rubis Tweezers, Fides Baldesberger, has shared her tips and tricks on how to pluck hairs in "awkward" areas and the areas where hair might grow that you should avoid plucking.

According to Fides, the areas that you should never pluck include your nose, moles, ingrown hairs, nipples, armpits, bikini areas and pimples.


According to Fides, it is highly important that you never pluck nose hairs.

She explained: “The number one no-tweeze zone is the nose. Never tweeze nose hair. 

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“Nose hair is there to prevent infection and bacteria. Plus, it's incredibly painful.” 


As well as this, the beauty whizz revealed that you should avoid plucking hairs that are growing out of your moles.

She noted: "Moles that have small hairs growing out of them are very common. 

“But tweezing these hairs can cause inflammation and infection. Never tweeze them."

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Although you may want to get rid of ingrown hairs with your trusty tweezers, according to Fides, this is a big no no.

She advised: "I know, ingrown hairs are so annoying, and waiting for them to come through is agony. 

“But tweezing an ingrown hair can lead to infection and scarring.

“Instead use steam, hot baths, scrubs, and exfoliation to gently tease the hair out. 

“When the end of it finally comes through the skin, then you can use a clean pointer tweezer to pull the hair through."


Fides also stressed the importance of ditching the tweezers for your sensitive areas.

She continued: "Other areas you should think twice before tweezing include around the nipples, bikini region, and underarms.

“The skin is incredibly sensitive in these areas and can easily become irritated or scarred.

“Tweezing sensitive skin can also be painful and not worth the hairless feeling."


Finally, according to Fides, unless you want to encourage infections, you should stop tweezing your pimples.

She explained: "You might've noticed sometimes pus pimples form around a hair shaft, and this can often be a minor type of infection known as folliculitis. 

“You may think that removing the hair may help clear up the infection. 

“However, it can make the infection worse by introducing bacteria to the area, and in some cases tweezing pimples may even lead to scarring. Leave them alone."


But don’t worry, if you do want to pluck your hairs, according to Fides, hairs on your chin, upper lip, monobrow, toes and knuckles are fine to tweeze.


When it comes to hair on your chin, according to this beauty whizz, plucking is perfectly fine.

Fides noted: "We all have vellus follicles that produce very fine, tiny light-coloured hair on our chins that is often referred to as “peach fuzz”. 

“This is called vellus hair and serves a purpose of regulating our body temperature. 

“Plucking your chin hair is a good and safe option of hair removal for this area, but make sure you are keeping your tweezers clean and washing them regularly.”


As well as this, if you’ve got some annoying hairs on your upper lip, Fides explained that it’s perfectly fine to use tweezers to get rid of them.

She advised: "Plucking your upper lip hair, overtime can have the same results as waxing – slower regrowth and eventually less hair on the area. 

“Although plucking might take a little longer than waxing the whole area, it is another good option for this hair. 

“Hold the skin taut and pluck in the direction of the hair growth – this can be different for each section of your upper lip."


Many of us will use tweezers to get rid of hairs in between our brows and Fides has noted that this too is absolutely fine.

She continued: "Hairs in the middle of your brows, can be different to those that grow for your eyebrow shape. 

“For a smaller area the hairs can grow in all different directions, usually caused by the way you sleep. 

“Hairs can also grow thicker and finer throughout the section, meaning concentration is a must to get all the hairs out.”


If you’ve noticed that your toes are looking a bit hairy, Fides explained that tweezers are fine here too.

She added: "Toe hairs are totally normal and common, and you can tweeze them away if you wish to. 

“They normally grow quite thick and coarse, but they grow at the same pace as leg hair which is around 4 weeks.

“You want to hold each toe down and flat and tweeze one hair at a time, in the direction of growth, and remove directly from the root."


Finally, if you’ve got hair that’s bothering you on your knuckles, you’ll be glad to know that tweezing them is not discouraged.

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Fides concluded: "Knuckle or finger hair is usually quite fine, so I'd recommend using Pointer Tweezers to remove even the finest of hairs and take your time with tweezing them. 

“This isn't a rush job and broken hairs lead to faster and uneven regrowth."

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