I'm a 5'11" gym girl – I went from 128 lbs to 160 lbs, glow-ups don't always mean losing weight | The Sun

I'm a 5'11" gym girl – I went from 128 lbs to 160 lbs, glow-ups don't always mean losing weight | The Sun


THIS gym rat has consistent workouts to thank for her significant weight gain which took place in a span of several months.

Taking to social media, the fit woman was sure to let viewers know that glowing up isn't only exclusive to slimming down.

At the beginning of a TikTok video documenting her weight gain journey, Bella (@bellaanya) shared that she was once 5'11 and 128 pounds.

"Oh.. who is she?" she wrote in her video, before flipping the script and revealing how she looked with 30 pounds of weight gain.

She showed several pictures of her brand new muscly and toned body clad in gym wear at 160 pounds.

Her washboard abs and nicely built glutes were the stars of the show.

"Glowing up doesn't always look like losing weight," Bella affirmed in her caption.

In her comments section, she shared with followers that it took her roughly a year and a half to acquire her new build.

She also revealed her diet when asked about the right amount of calories to eat in a day to gain muscle.

She wrote: "I honestly don’t track!! Every day is different, I just do my best to get protein in for each meal I eat or snack!!"

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Some people felt super motivated by her incredible weight gain and expressed it.

"As a 5’11" girl who’s always been around 125-130 [pounds], thank you so much for showing it’s possible," one wrote.

"I'm 115 pounds and 5'11"! You motivate me so much!!" a second person added.

Someone else felt that the difference between her before and after body was striking, leaving her a compliment.

"Great work, night and day!" they exclaimed.

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