I’m 72 and my daughter is 51, people tell us act and dress our age, but we love skinny shorts and heels and don’t care | The Sun

I’m 72 and my daughter is 51, people tell us act and dress our age, but we love skinny shorts and heels and don’t care | The Sun


A MOTHER and daughter duo have hit back at trolls for demanding they act and dress according to their ages. 

Coach Pinky (@coachpinky_pnkfitness421), 51, is a fitness expert who regularly shares videos with her 72 year old mum, Mae. 

It appears, however, that many people leave comments asking the pair to dress more appropriately. 

Now, they’ve hit back the haters in the best way possible – by posting a TikTok video dedicated to showing just how little they care about these opinions. 

In the 12-second clip, Coach Pinky can be seen dressed in tiny blue denim shorts, which she paired with a white, tight-fitting T-shirt. 

Meanwhile, Mae can be seen dressed in slightly longer shorts, over which she donned a rainbow themed, off-the-shoulder crop top, ensuring her stomach is on full display for the camera. 

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As they swayed from side to side, text appeared over the video, which read: “when they say, y’all need to dress & act your age…” [sic]

Coach Pinky’s mum then lifted her middle finger before they both lip synced to a voice that said: “We do not care.” 

The duo then danced together, with Coach Pinky twerking before returning to her mum’s side to strike a final pose. 

“We really don’t,” she added in the caption. 

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While Coach Pinky and Mae may have received unwelcome criticism over the way they act and dress in the past, their comments section was filled with supportive messages. 

“I can only PRAY I’m as fine as y’all at these ages,” one person wrote. 

Another said that Pinky looks more like she’s 32 than 51, to which she responded: “thank you”. 

“Y’all don’t even look y’all age,” another chimed. 

Others praised them for not caring what the haters think as one person gushed: “As you should not care!!!!! Live your best life Queens!!!”

“Yaaas mom , middle finger in the air to ALL the haters,” a second shared. 

And if that wasn’t enough love, some complained that Mae has a “flatter stomach than me”. 

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