I work at McDonald’s and there’s a reason burgers sometimes look manhandled – it’s why it’s called Fast Food too

I work at McDonald’s and there’s a reason burgers sometimes look manhandled – it’s why it’s called Fast Food too


A WOMAN who works at McDonald's has shared an inside look at how she prepares the chain's famous cheeseburgers.

Michaela Stairs took to TikTok to share a video of herself getting eight of the burgers ready for customers.

Kicking off, she had each of the toasted bun bases on a sheet of the wrapping paper.

Then she took two huge containers of sauce – one of ketchup and one of mustard – and squirted both onto each bun.

Next, she sprinkled some onion on top, before adding two pickles on each one.

A slice of yellow cheese was next to go onto the burger, before she finished it off with the burger itself and the top of the bun.

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Once complete, she quickly wrapped up each burger and took them to their next destination in the fast food chain.

People commenting on the video were quick to suggest the speed at which Michaela was preparing the burgers could be to blame for them looking so "manhandled".

"No wonder my burgers are always smashed," one person wrote.

While another added: "That’s y my burgers look like they got man handled."

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"That’s why my burgers look like someone threw them across a highway," a third complained, while someone else commented: "so that’s why my cheeseburger always look like someone stepped on it."

Others defended Michaela, with one writing: "do ppl not realise fast food is supposed to be FAST."

"y'all complaining about looks but don't have the patience to wait longer than 5 minutes," another added.

And Michaela herself responded in a pinned comment on the post, writing: "Some of you have NEVER worked fast food and it shows."

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