I work at Five Guys and there's a reason we always keep stacks of spuds in the lobby – and it's all to do with customers | The Sun

I work at Five Guys and there's a reason we always keep stacks of spuds in the lobby – and it's all to do with customers | The Sun


A FIVE Guys employee has revealed the real reason the fast food chain has bags of potatoes in the lobby.

Over the years, Five Guys has become one of the biggest fast food chains in the world, with restaurants across the UK, Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

Those who've tried their signature fries and burgers will know that each lobby has numerous sacks of spuds laying around.

But is it actually full of potatoes? Or is it purely for decoration?

Well, now the world famous eatery has spilled the beans on this feature – and turns out, there's a reason they're there.

''Why do you keep the potatoes in the lobby?'' wondered one customer in the clip shared on TikTok.

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According to Five Guys, the answer is simple – and it's all to do with you, the customer.

''It shows our customers we have the freshest products and we cut them daily,'' the employee explained.

But despite the truth now out, people on social media were convinced there were also other explanations.

''No yall just got no storage in the back,'' one said.

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Someone else reckoned: ''it shows we can afford 200 bags of potatoes because we charge $25 (£20) for a burger.''

''it shows me that someone could tamper with them and for that reason I'm out,'' a foodie added.

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''Does it show them ? The products could have been there for weeks, they don’t know ?'' another pointed out.

Whilst on the topic of fast food, a former McDonald's employee revealed why you might want to give their fries a miss and the real reason they say the McFlurry machine is down.

Georgia Zacki (@ariesqueen2303), from Huddersfield, said that there is a reason why you can never quench your thirst with a frozen milkshake.

''It's not cause we've run out – that's a lie.

Instead, if a staff member tells you that the machine is broken, it's more likely because of other reasons.

''One, we can't be a**ed, it's too busy, we just turn it off.

''Two, there's no one to do it.

''Three, we can't be bothered to go get mix,'' Georgia said before adding that sometimes there is no mix available and the machine is dirty.

Sharing the things she learnt whilst working at McDonald's, the ex-employee also revealed an easy way to get items on the menu free of charge.

''If you go up to the counter and say that we didn't give you something, like fries, burger, whatever, we probably won't check.

''We'll probably just give you cause we can't be a**ed.

Speaking of fries, you might want to think twice about ordering them, as sometimes the employees would stick their hands in the pile and munch on the savoury treat.

''We do eat the chips. If you're ordering fries, someone's probably had their hand in – not in your fries, but in the fries.''

Last but not least, if you're someone the employees consider a ''knobhead'', it's safe to say the staff will definitely talk about you – and not in the most flattering manner.

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''If you're going through the drive-through and you're knobhead, the person that is taking your order will tell everyone else in the store before he comes to the window that you're a d**k.''

Continuing in the caption, she also added: ''I would like to say don’t comment on Maccies workers until you’ve had a Big Mac thrown at your head for being out of BBQ sauce.''

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