I wear crop tops to work – I know it’s inappropriate but I don’t care, people say their bosses would send them home | The Sun

I wear crop tops to work – I know it’s inappropriate but I don’t care, people say their bosses would send them home | The Sun


A STYLE influencer shared a video of herself getting dressed for her day job, cycling through several outfits until she found one that was just right.

But her final choice left followers baffled – the ensemble wouldn't fly in many offices.

Santina Rizzi is a fashion influencer with over 460k followers across TikTok and Instagram. Her bio reads "the b***h you get ready with," so viewers know what to expect when they tune in.

In a recent "get ready with me" video, Rizzi, who works in a law office, struggled to find the right top for a perfectly mid-length skirt.

First, she tried out a white button-down shirt, a classic staple in any working woman's wardrobe.

But the long shirt overwhelmed Rizzi's straightforward midi skirt. After a halfhearted attempt at styling the top, she gave it two thumbs down.


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She tried to salvage the look by layering the white button-down over a cropped white T-shirt, but trying on the pairing gave her a burst of inspiration.

Rizzi grabbed a dark vest with hot-pink lining and an edgy skull motif on the back.

The stylish vlogger couldn't get her fitted vest to look quite right, but after abandoning it, she found the ideal shirt to complete the look.

She settled on a black, ruffled crop top, with two top buttons that left a good amount of midriff exposed.

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Rizzi styled the belly-baring shirt with high socks, loafers, and a mini backpack, and she was finally satisfied – though she recognized her outfit wouldn't fly in most offices.

"Definitely inappropriate work outfit but I cannot care," she wrote.

Commenters were glad to hear that Rizzi knew her outfit pushed boundaries.

"My boss will send my a** that hour commute back," wrote one envious fan.

"The skirt is fine," wrote a commenter who had a more work-appropriate suggestion. "Tuck in the button-down white shirt. it will look beautiful."

Another commenter took time to chastise Rizzi for her choices.

"Need to understand work is work, and cute and sexy is for after work," the disapproving viewer wrote.

One fellow fashionista expressed envy for Rizzi's situation, and the influencer revealed her office isn't as laid-back as many would assume.

"Your law firm lets you wear stuff with your torso showing?" the amazed viewer wrote. "Lucky."

"No! That’s why it’s inappropriate," Rizzi admitted. "I’ve been covering my stomach all day."

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