I was on Love Island and wearing heels in the villa is a deathtrap & ruined so many pairs of my shoes | The Sun

I was on Love Island and wearing heels in the villa is a deathtrap & ruined so many pairs of my shoes | The Sun


A FORMER Love Island contestant has revealed what happens with the glam heels whilst walking around the nation's most popular villa.

Love Island – one of our favourite reality shows which despite being watched by many every week still remains full of mysteries.

Since leaving the ITV hit, many contestants have gone on social media to share some of the insights they learnt whilst soaking up the sun and looking for love.

Amongst some of the most vocal ones is Amy Hart, who starred in the series back in 2019.

The 30-year-old regularly takes it to TikTok where she reveals the ins and outs of the daily life in the villa, such as what happens to the phones the stars use during their time on the show.

Now Amy, who recently said watching the recouplings made her ''physically sick'', answered some of the questions about footwear and wearing heels.

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''i've ALWAYS wondered what happens with the girls pointy heels, like stilettos, how do they not get tuck or fall into the cracks in the floor panels?'' one fan on Love Island wanted to find out.

Replying to the TikTok user in a video format, Amy was holding a strappy nude heel, which she was wearing ''pretty much every night in the villa''.

''As you can see on the heel, this is the result of them falling through the decking,'' she showed the damage on the heel which was full of marks and signs of wear and tear.

''That's what happens – you just fall through the decking.

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''You get your foot stuck and one of your lovely friends has to come and drag your leg out of the hole.''

The former air hostess made headlines during her appearance on the show in 2019, after fans were left in hysterics as she struggled to walk in heels.

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After learning about the daily struggles of walking around the villa in glam footwear, many people were wondering if wearing heels was a must.

''Are you told to wear heels or is it just a kind of unspoken rule???'' a fan of the show asked in the comments section.

And whilst Shaughna Phillips had once claimed that the producers force female contestants to rock high heels, eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that Tasha Ghouri was sporting a pair of flat cowboy boots a few days ago.

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A second added: ''I often wondered that but then recently I've noticed summer quite often wears her trainers in the vote offs / re-couplings.''

''I think I’d be going around in espadrilles in the evening! Don’t have time for sore feet,'' a TikTok user chuckled.

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