I was never going to splash out on a SKIMS bodysuit so tried a budget dupe – it's so flattering, and you could save £25 | The Sun

I was never going to splash out on a SKIMS bodysuit so tried a budget dupe – it's so flattering, and you could save £25 | The Sun


KIM Kardashian really knew what she was doing when she released her, now viral, range of shapewear. 

But with rather hefty price tags, many of us have been on the hunt for the perfect dupes. 

Luckily one savvy shopper thinks she’s found it – and this one could save you £26. 

Aimee, known online as @aimee_oddball, regularly shares lifestyle videos with her 34,000 followers. 

In a new reel, the content creator shares her first impressions of the YIANNA Shaping Bodysuit from Amazon, which she bought in black, in a size S/M.

“A fun fact about me is that I will never spend £60 on a SKIMS bodysuit. 


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“But I did recently rip a hole in the butt of my bodysuit, so I got this SKIMS dupe off Amazon. 

“I have not tried it, let’s do it together because I’m a little bit nervous. 

“First off, there is an actual girdle on the packaging and I’m pretty sure that is not what I ordered.” 

Holding the black bodysuit up to the camera, Aimee isn’t convinced it will fit. 

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She adds: “It’s giving, ‘I wish I had eaten less chocolates at Christmas.’ 

“Think small thoughts.” 

Aimee then cuts to when she’s got the bodysuit on underneath a pair of jeans – and it looks great. 

“What is this wizardry? 

“I really didn’t expect it to snatch my waist in so tiny. 

“I mean look at my jeans. They don’t even fit anymore. 

“And it’s so comfy. It’s so comfy. It feels like I’m not wearing anything at all. 

“It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s doing any kind of compression, but I can see with my eyes that it is. 

“Like I’m a 90s baby, so I pretty much spent the whole of my teenage years wearing Spanx. 

“Those were uncomfortable. This is a delight. 

“It’s kind of like wearing pyjamas but it makes me look all smooth, and it has no VPL. No VPL. 

“They had a thong version but I just felt like that looked like that would be very uncomfortable, so I got the full butt version, but the seams are so thin. No VPL. 

“So this was, I think, £31, and part of me, the stingy part of me which is also the biggest part of me, was like, ‘that’s still a lot for a bodysuit.’ 

“No way, this is a bargain and I love it. 

“Now I must buy one in every colour.” 

Shoppers can grab this bodysuit for £32.99, while the SKIMS Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit would set them back a whopping £56. 

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That’s a saving of more than £23. 

Fans loved Aimee’s honest review, with the video gaining more than 280 likes and 5,400 views.

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