I was fed up of spending money on bras that don’t fit so figured out the hack to ensure you get it right every time

I was fed up of spending money on bras that don’t fit so figured out the hack to ensure you get it right every time


WITH painful periods and overpriced skincare products amongst hundreds of other things, being a woman is no easy task.

And finding the perfect bra is just one of the many aspects that don't make our lives any easier.

If you're amongst the 81 per cent of women who unknowingly rock an ill-fitted bra, one TikToker has shared a genius hack which reveals if your bra is the right band size.

The best part – there is no need to pull out a measuring tape.

Taking it to social media, Jennifer Warnes, who recently showed how to get an instant boob job using a tape, revealed the simple trick after one of her viewers was convinced she had been wearing the wrong size band for years.

''This is important because 80% of the support comes from your band so if the band is too big you lose the support,'' Jennifer explained.

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Wearing a black bra and demonstrating the trick, Jennifer said that if your band keeps riding up throughout the day, it's too big.

Instead, the pointed out, what you should be looking for is a bra band that remains parallel to your waistline – this, according to Jennifer, means you've picked the right size.

Although a band that's in a slight angle usually means it's is too large for your ribcage, Jennifer also agreed that it could signify the bra could simply be stretched out.

For those who like many are in a desperate need for a new bra, a former sales assistant of a prominent lingerie company revealed how to find the perfect bra size by taking just two measurements – one under your bust (the band size) and the second on the fullest part of your chest (the correct cup size).

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The measurements indicate the correct band and cup size, respectively.

Jennifer's short clip, which has since gone viral, racking up almost 191,000 views in just one day, was a favourite for some who also thanked her for the shocking revelation.


''I thought I was just weirdly shaped. I would always try and pull it down but it never stayed,'' commented one.

''OH THAT EXPLAINS IT,'' another added.

Whilst someone guessed it could just mean that the bra has been stretched out over time and it's probably high time you purchased a new one, someone else thought: ''Or your straps are too short.''

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Jennifer regularly shares bra reviews for small band and large cup sizes on TikTok.

Her videos have amassed her fanbase of close to 24,000 people, as well as an overall of a whopping 1.3 million likes.

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