I was asked to do a loyalty test on a girl’s boyfriend, it turns out SHE was the other woman

I was asked to do a loyalty test on a girl’s boyfriend, it turns out SHE was the other woman


WOMEN REALLY do have each other's backs, and one way we do it is by getting other girls to test our guys.

At least, that is what is happening on TikTok at the moment, women are asking others to do 'honey traps' on their partners online to catch them cheating.

Emma Mac, 18, from Canada, uses her TikTok account, em_mac11, for that exact reason and women message her every day to get her to flirt with their partners and see if they take the bait.

Although Emma often does loyalty tests, this one in particular really shocked Emma.

She said the boy's girlfriend messaged her and asked for a loyalty test to be done as he was acting very secretive with his phone and they only meet up at her place now and she is suspecting he is cheating on her.

Emma set to work and messaged the boyfriend on Instagram: "Hey I saw you on my suggestion you look so cute."

His response was not what Emma was expecting, he told Emma he was already seeing someone and when she pressed him saying 'I don't believe you', he showed her a picture of him with his partner.

However, Emma was shocked to discover the girl in the photo was not the one who had contacted her for the loyalty test.

Emma asked him if that was his girlfriend, to which he said it was his fiancée.

She said: "He is engaged to a girl but seeing the girl that messaged me on the side.

"I am blown away, I am so shocked.

"Anyway, I sent the fiancée a very nice message and also sent them to the girlfriend."

Users couldn't believe the scenario and Emma updated everyone with a second video on the matter.

Emma said it took around two hours to find his fiancée on social media.

She wrote to the fiancée: "Hey girl, I know you saw me texting your man earlier, and there are some things you should know.

"I do loyalty tests on TikTok and I got a DM request to one for him from somebody claiming to be his girlfriend."

She sent the fiancée the girlfriend's Instagram so the two could talk privately together and sent screenshots of the conversations between her and the girlfriend.

The fiancée responded saying she knew it was fishy as she had seen Emma's TikTok before and knew she hadn't asked for a loyalty test.

As for the girlfriend, Emma told her he said he had a fiancée, the girlfriend was completely shocked.

The girlfriend had been with the man for a year and a half and they had been talking about moving in together.

The girlfriend said: "I knew something was off but that is insane he had a double life.

It wasn't just Emma that was shocked by the whole ordeal, plenty of users were too.

One person exclaimed: "The fact he was so loyal and yet disloyal."

"How?" Cried another user who added: "Seriously I don't have the energy for one relationship and my man is out there doubling up?"

A third person commented: "I LITERALLY GASPED."

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