I tried on the viral Kim Kardashian SKIMS bodycon dress for the first time – the fit was not what I expected at all | The Sun

I tried on the viral Kim Kardashian SKIMS bodycon dress for the first time – the fit was not what I expected at all | The Sun


THIS fashion TikToker tried on the famous SKIMS bodycon dress and was shocked to see it on her petite, athletic body type.

In a segment on TikTok called: "Is it cute or is it just Kim Kardashian?" Emma Lev tried on the bodycon "it" dress from Kim Kardashian's multi-million dollar brand.

She found the heather grey dress at Nordstrom, but once she got to the changing room, she was dumbfounded.

"Bodycon dresses scare me because I'm small, petite, and like athletic and I just don't feel like they're super flattering on me," Emma said as she put on the dress.

She put her hand over her mouth in shock when she looked at the dress on her body.

Emma did not like how revealing the dress was.

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"You can see every nook and cranny, y'all like I've eaten today, alot, and I just didn't feel protected. I didn't feel secure," Emma said.

She added: "The fact that you could see my knee bones was pretty frightening."

Among her many critiques, she thought the dress was too long.

"Why is it so d**m long? Who? No," she said.

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By the end of the video, Emma decided that it only looked cute because Kim Kardashian was wearing it.

"I don't think I've ever put on a more ill-fitting, unflattering dress," she said.

"You can literally see every dent. Nope. Just Kim Kardashian."

While this haul was a fail, other TikTokers have tested dupes for SKIMS and were pleasantly surprised by the results.


One TikToker tried on the ReoRia Women's Sexy Sleeveless Racer Back Halter Neck Bodysuit Tank Top ($25.99) from Amazon.

This find is a dupe for the Skims Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit ($58).

"This genuinely looks exactly like the Skims one," she exclaimed.

"You could literally get two of these in two different colors for the price of one original Skims," she concluded.

Another user tried on a dupe from Shein.

She tried on a dupe for the Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress ($78).

She described the dupe she found, the SHEIN SXY Solid Bodycon Cami Dress ($13), as having a stretchy cotton material.

She said: "This dress is really really nice. It's not rib knit, but it still feels very nice on the skin which I really do love. It also does have adjustable straps.

"They're not as nice as the Skims one but they're nice. The material feels really nice on the skin.

"This is also one of those that will hug your body, and really like curve you and shape you."

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