I tried Khloe Kardashian’s Good American swim in a size large – the one-piece made me want to cry | The Sun

I tried Khloe Kardashian’s Good American swim in a size large – the one-piece made me want to cry | The Sun


A SIZE 8 woman has shared her review of Khloe Kardashian's Good American swim line that was so impactful it almost made her cry.

The body-positive advocate left an expressive video detailing her experience trying on a few suits from the reality star's Good American swim line.

Brooke, known as brooketarynartistry on TikTok, shares her time trying on pieces from Khloe Kardashian's Good American swim line.

The size 8 fashion guru loves to showcase her shopping hauls of popular trends and styles for curvier women on her social accounts.

In this particular video, Brooke shows viewers three swim pieces from Good American on her size large body.

During the course of the video, her personality shifts as she moves from clothing item to item.


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"Fun try-on today. We are trying out Good American Swim. Ahh!" she exclaims at the start of the video.

The fashion lover then proceeds to offer her measurements on the video screen as a way to be transparent about sizing and further connect with her audience.

Brooke weighs around 150 pounds and is 5'5", wears a 36B bra cup, and is normally a size medium-large in regular-size clothes.

Though she normally is a medium-large, she does prefer to size up because she dislikes bunching in her bottom half which is why she ordered large sizes in the swim attire.

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Before she tries on the swim clothes, Brooke expresses her gratitude to the Good American brand for their size inclusivity in their branding with models "in every different size."

The first swimsuit she displays is the Good Compression Showoff One-Piece, $120, and she is definitely a huge fan of it.

"You guys, I am freaking out. This is my first time trying this on," she

passionately says to the camera."I have never felt more confident in a swimsuit. I literally want to cry."

She further details how the seams of the suit are super flattering to her shape, super comfortable, and overall adorable.

The second swim set she shifts into is the Always Fits Better Band Top, $39.20, and the Always Fits Better Cheeky, $44, in the color Orange Cream.

"I love this one too!" Brooke says with a smile on her face. "I love the colors and it just fits so perfectly."

Brooke adds that finding swimsuits that fit her the way she wants them to make her incredibly emotional because it is a personal process.

The band top also comes with a sticky grip inside, so it doesn't slide down.

"Y'all, I am exclusively going to be a Good American Swim girl," the size 8 woman claims excitedly.

The final clothing item she puts on is the Hawaiian Pink Always Fits Mini Dress, $129 and it's giving Barbie. No really.

"Barbie who?" Brooke says happily while turning in the dress. "Y'all can I wear this like out? I might. I might…I love it."

Towards the end of the video, the body-positivity advocate again takes a moment to thank the clothing brand for sending over the swimsuits.

She also thanked the brand for being size inclusive by "making swimwear that actually fits real bodies.

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