I told my daughter she was too young for a baby – now I’m stuck looking after it & people keep telling me the same thing | The Sun

I told my daughter she was too young for a baby – now I’m stuck looking after it & people keep telling me the same thing | The Sun


A MAN has shared his frustrations of being expected to babysit his grandchild every day.

Bobby revealed he was excited to be a grandad but didn't want to be a parent again by looking after his grandchild all the time.

The 52-year-old took to Reddit to explain his daughter wanted him to babysit every day and was called 'callous' when he refused.

He said that his daughter Amanda recently got married and aren’t that focused on their future, instead focusing on having fun and doing things “while they’re still young.

And her dad isn't opposed to that, however, Amanda revealed she was pregnant after trying to conceive for months.

He was thrilled to be a grandfather, but at a dinner party was shocked by his daughter's expectations of him when the baby was born.


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He said: " Amanda revealed that she and Chris were expecting me to always watch the baby while they were working and so they could have “fun time” while not working.

"Now I love my children and will never regret being their dad. But I didn’t sign up for a new baby. I’m done with all that.

"I want to enjoy my retirement and be free without any underage children.

"I explained this to Amanda and Chris, also that there are many great daycare options in the area."

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But it didn't go down well, Amanda claimed he should help out considering he doesn't need to worry about work.

She told Bobby that she’s young and these are supposed to be the best years of her life, and she thinks it's unfair that she and Chris’s life should “be all about a baby.”

He told her that life would be all about the baby from now on.

"You should not have gotten pregnant if you just expected someone else to raise your child," he added.

In retaliation, she told him she'd put him in a bad nursing home when he was older.

After discussing it with his family, they agree with his daughter and said his view was 'callous and misogynistic.'

The family thinks he should agree to do four days of child care a week and see how it goes from there.

But now he's wondering what others think of the situation and Reddit users were quick to share their opinion.

One wrote: "They shouldn't have become parents if they weren't ready. Grandpa and grandma are not parents or babysitters."

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"All those family members who think you should be providing childcare? Ask them which day they want to sign up for," another added.

A third said: "They are being ridiculous. Stand your ground."

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