I saved up a whopping deposit for my house without even realising – I tricked myself 4 years ago… here’s how | The Sun

I saved up a whopping deposit for my house without even realising – I tricked myself 4 years ago… here’s how | The Sun


A CLEVER woman has revealed how she was able to pay the deposit on a house with savings she didn’t even know existed. 

Launching into her wild story, Jasmin Vargas Ochoa explained that she did something incredible four years prior that she completely forgot about. 

Sharing that she “finally” decided to buy a home, she went through her mortgage application before receiving a call from them saying: “Hey, you forgot to mention this second savings account”. 

Jasmin was stumped by this and told the company over and over again that this isn’t the case. 

But they insisted that she had set up a bank account and they were looking directly at it. 

“It’s got quite a bit of money that needs to be documented,” they told her. 

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As the penny dropped on what they were talking about Jasmin told viewers: “Basically, four years ago I opened a relationship fund.

“And I had put a certain amount every single month into it for every month that I was in a relationship with that individual.”

Jasmin told herself that she was either building a “really nice future” for her and her then-partner or she would use the money to treat herself. 

“When I say that myself thought of everything four years ago, she did,” Jasmin continued, before explaining why she never noticed the money was going out of her account every month.

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“I had labelled it as an insurance payment,” she said. “So this whole time I thought it was my renters insurance or my car insurance… I didn’t think anything of it for that long.” 

The brunette beauty added that she had hid it from her main bank page too in a bid to stop herself from being tempted to use the money. 

“Here we are several years later and I’m going to treat myself to a really nice down payment,” she said. 

Jasmin closed out the video by urging people to create a relationship fund the way she did as it could “come in handy one day”.

People were stunned by what had happened to her and took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

And while some joked about having found a five pound note in their wallet once, others said they would never have forgotten about a savings account. 

“You must be really good w. Your money cause I promise I wouldn’t of forgot about that savings account,” [sic] one person wrote.

Another said: “I would never actually forget that is my problem,” as a third chimed: “I can’t ever forget it”. 

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