I regret my son’s name – people ask me to repeat it & I want to change it even though he’s  already six-months-old | The Sun

I regret my son’s name – people ask me to repeat it & I want to change it even though he’s already six-months-old | The Sun


CHOOSING a name for your child is a very difficult decision for many parents to make.

While some expectant parents may already have a huge list of names that they like, for others, trying to decide on a name can seem very daunting.

And one mother has taken to Reddit to reveal that she not only struggled to choose a name for her child, but now really regrets the name that she chose.

The anonymous parent took to the online discussion website and posted under the username ‘u/lily_mama’.

She admitted that she ‘regrets’ her son’s name and is fed up with people constantly raising their eyebrows at the name, or asking her to repeat it. 

The Reddit user explained: “First, I have to say that we are French Canadian. 

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“The name we chose will sound totally normal to you, but here it is quite unusual because it's an English name…

“So, at the hospital, we chose to name our son Logan. 

“My son is now 6 months old, and I am still not used to his name.

“It was difficult from the start to choose a name. 

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“A lot of names we loved didn't work well with my husband's name. 

“We also had very different tastes for boys' names. 

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“So we waited until the last minute to choose. 

“Logan was not the first choice for either of us, but it was the only name we both agreed on.

“We made the decision to give him an "original" name. 

“I thought I could live well with that and defend my choice. 

“I believe giving him an English name will give him an edge on the job market (would you hire a Logan or a François, Jean-Michel or Mathieu?). 

“I wanted him to stand out instead of being the 10th "Félix" in his grade…”

However, the mother revealed that it’s been six months since she welcomed her son, and she still isn't liking his name.

She continued: “But still, after 6 months, I am not comfortable with the name Logan. 

“I don't live well with people raising an eyebrow or asking me to repeat.

“I don't want to change my son's name, but does anybody have a similar story? 

“How long did it take for you to get used to it?”

Reddit users were very supportive of the woman, and rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the name, as well as their own experiences with their children’s names. 

One person said: “I can see where you're coming from. I'm from Germany originally and a name like Logan would certainly be a bit odd there, so I imagine it'd be about the same in French Canada. 

“You'll get used to it. He'll get used to it. And everyone around him will get used to it.”

Another added: “I regretted my second daughter's name for the longest time.

"I think it was around 8 months when I finally started calling her by her real name instead of pet names and nicknames. 

“By the time she was walking and showing her little personality, I had gotten used to her name.

"Now I can't imagine her with any other name!”

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A third commented: “I like the name Logan!”

Someone else stated: “Logan's a good name, don't sweat it.”

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