I put aluminum foil in my dishwasher – it left my cutlery and glasses sparkling, it's cheaper and better than rinse aid | The Sun

I put aluminum foil in my dishwasher – it left my cutlery and glasses sparkling, it's cheaper and better than rinse aid | The Sun


A CHEF has shared a cleaning trick that is not only cost-effective but it can leave your silverware gleaming.

The influencer's trick simply involves aluminum foil.

In a viral video, Erin Morley (@chef.erinmorley) said she first came across the cleaning hack more than 15 years ago while working in the restaurant business.

But, she had never shared it with her contingent of social media fans.

Erin recommended that people should put a ball of aluminum foil into the dishwasher whenever they clean their silverware.

In the clip, she shared before and after shots of her dishes, silverware, and glassware.

Erin stocked her dishwasher with silverware, pots, and pans that were grimy and greasy.

She put the ball of foil in her silverware basket that was in her dishwasher.

Erin explained that a reaction between the foil and the detergent helps get rid of the grime and grease.

The chef’s silverware was sparkling after it had been inside the dishwasher.

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She said: "It makes your silverware and glassware shinier than you have ever seen it. You know that Finish stuff you put in the little spout, you don't need that anymore."

Fans rushed to say they would try the trick, while others wondered if it's actually safe to put aluminum foil inside a dishwasher.

Adam Morris, from the Appliances Made Simple website, told Homes and Gardens: “The first thing that comes to mind when people come up with 'cleaning hacks' is 'will this damage anything' as there are plenty of cleaning hacks or appliances hacks around that can actually cause damage.

“However, in this instance, adding a ball of aluminum foil to your dishwasher causes no harm, and in fact, does an excellent job.”

Brittany Kline, of The Savvy Kitchen, told Homes and Gardens that the tip is a “great way” to remove any water stains.

Influencers are known for sharing cost-effective cleaning hacks on social media.

Gardening expert Armen Adamjan (@creative_explained) uses a combination of coconut oil and baking soda to get rid of soap scum that forms on his shower glass doors.

Cleaning fanatic Anna (@anna_louisa_at_home) revealed that she uses baby oil to clean stainless steel.

The influencer Carolina McCauley (@carolina.mccauley) shared how she cleans her washing machine.

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