I ordered a dinosaur cake for my son’s first birthday but got a Loch Ness weiner instead – I can’t even get a refund | The Sun

I ordered a dinosaur cake for my son’s first birthday but got a Loch Ness weiner instead – I can’t even get a refund | The Sun


SHE wanted a cute dinosaur cake for her son's first birthday.

But one woman was left fuming after she ended up with a vastly different design – one that was compared to a "Loch Ness wiener" by people on Facebook.

The mum had shelled out £50 for the cake and 50 matching cupcakes, and had given the baker a picture of a pale green cake with darker green spots in the shape of a 1 as inspiration.

However, when she picked it up she said that the cupcakes were "somewhat acceptable" but the cake looked "smashed".

It also didn't look much like a 1, and instead resembled something unfortunate.

The only thing that was right about the cake was her son's name written in white icing across the top.

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"What I got for my son's first birthday vs what I asked for…," she wrote alongside pictures of the cake she wanted and the one she got on Facebook.

And even more annoyingly, the baker refused to give the woman a refund because it was "her version of the cake".

Despite the woman being left furious by the cake catastrophe, people in the comments couldn't help laughing about the situation.

"Her version doesn't look very appropriate, tell them you ain't serving a Loch Ness wiener at your son's party," one wrote.

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As another agreed: "Exactly my thoughts. She knew that cake looked real dino-wiener when she sent it out."

And a third commented: "I'm sorry, but this made LOL so hard. I would have called the police myself on her for making a penis looking cake for a 1 year old."

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"Well we all know where her mind was!!" someone else joked.

While another person compared the cake to a "spotted male appendage".

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