I only shower once a week and do laundry every 3 weeks – I wish I did both more but they're hard to fit into my life | The Sun

I only shower once a week and do laundry every 3 weeks – I wish I did both more but they're hard to fit into my life | The Sun


A VAN dweller has revealed that she only showers once a week but figured that was a consequence of her living circumstances.

She also confided that laundry day was only once every three weeks.

More often would be far better, she said, but it was hard to factor such things in when you're living in a truck.

But some house owners who commented on her post also admitted to taking fewer showers.

One of them said: “Don’t worry about it. I live in a house and don’t shower daily. Don’t wear underwear either.”

It's all part of the van life experience, said TikTok user Ella V (@lifeof.ellavallance) who has 44,000 followers.

She is a seasonal worker and content creator based in British Columbia, Canada.

In her video, she mused about her washing facilities: “Thoughts: showers are nice.

“I should really shower more often. I just showered today for the first time in a week."

She explained why a daily shower was a struggle with her lifestyle.

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“The joys of truck bed living. Like the things that you just don’t think about when you live in a house," she said.

“I live in my truck and I live at my work and I’m not going to drive to town to shower. So I shower once a week."

But Ella admitted, getting under the water more often might help her: “But I should shower more because I feel like a brand new person."

Then she revealed her clothes-washing situation.

“This is so bad, I also only do my laundry once every three weeks. To be transparent I do have enough underwear to make it through three weeks."

After a bit of introspection, she came to a conclusion: “But I’m thinking it would be better for my mental health if I showered and did laundry more frequently."

One commenter from Brazil could not believe her situation: “I swear I couldn’t go with my two daily showers. But if it works for you that’s awesome. So what makes you happy.”

Another person had another perspective: “I personally think from my experience that you should shower three times a week and do laundry every two weeks. It’s a lot better trust me.”

One more viewer offered an insight into their washing schedule: “I’m lucky if I shower twice a month.”

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