I left my ex for a hot jetsetter called Will – I felt I could be myself around him but I was being catfished by my AUNT | The Sun

I left my ex for a hot jetsetter called Will – I felt I could be myself around him but I was being catfished by my AUNT | The Sun


A GUY has revealed how he was catfished online and thought he’d found the love of his life – but it was actually his AUNT.

Levi, 19, appeared on MTV’s Catfish UK and revealed how he had fallen head over heels for hot jetsetter Will from a dating app and even left his ex to be with him.

However, after three months of chatting online, Will kept making excuses as to why they couldn’t meet up. 

Levi, from Rotherham, told hosts Nella Rose and Oobah Butler: “Three months ago I was down in London and I swiped right on a guy called Will.

“He is a god, he’s from London and he works in property, investment and development.

“Even though it’s only been three months, I’ve never been with someone who feels so confident and happy being myself.

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“I was in a year-long before I met Will and it was meeting him that made me walk away from my ex.

“I always ask him if he’s about, but every time he’s been away with work.”

Levi said his previous relationship was very “toxic” and he wouldn’t have been able to get out of it if it hadn’t been for “dream” guy Will.

Despite messaging Will everyday and even receiving flowers from him, Levi suspected something was wrong as he would never speak on the phone and kept avoiding meeting up.

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The team first realised something was wrong when they searched for one of Will’s Instagram photos on Google and it matched a modelling profile.

When they got in touch with the model, it turned out that someone had stolen the stranger’s photos to make Will’s profile.

The team messaged “Will” to ask why he had made a fake profile and asked the person behind it to meet up.

However, Levi was horrified when his aunt Keira and her girlfriend Billie showed up at the meeting point.

Seeing them arrive at the address, the shocked teen said: “What the f*** is this?

“Are you having a joke? That’s my f***ing auntie and her girlfriend.”

The two women explained they had pretended to be Will to help Levi move on from his ex, and said: “We needed to help him get out of the situation he was in.

“He was stuck in a circle that he kept going around.

“For us as a family to get phone calls of him nearly every night crying, no matter what we said to him he just wouldn’t listen.”

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Levi said: “How dare you after everything I’ve been through. I’ve been lied to, I thought someone accepted me, I thought someone loved me, but turns out it is bulls***.

“I thought I was going to travel the world with someone, have a soul mate.

“You didn’t have to do it this way.”

Keira explained: “It was a last resort, we were desperate to help you.”

Billie added: “You’ve built a wall so high that you’re not letting us in, and the only way to get through to you is if we are a complete stranger trying to talk to you.”

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Oobah was shocked at the situation and said to Keira: “You matched with your nephew on a dating app” to which Nella added: “that’s mad!”

The women apologised for sending the flowers and for being a catfish for three months, and they said they wanted to try and repair their relationship.

Catfish UK aired on MTV last night

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