I hit the jackpot when I spotted suitcases reduced from £45 to £14 in Morrisons – there was an added bonus too | The Sun

I hit the jackpot when I spotted suitcases reduced from £45 to £14 in Morrisons – there was an added bonus too | The Sun


A MAN has left people flocking to Morrisons after revealing he nabbed a £45 suitcase in the store for just £14.

And that wasn't even the only bargain he got either – he also picked up a large one for £18 instead of the original £55 from the Morrisons in Chorley.

Rick took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to share his buy, writing: "Bargain of the day from Morrisons. Really good quality!"

And as an added bonus, both cases also have a "15 year warranty".

Others were quick to pop to the store in the hope of getting one themselves, with Donna successful.

"Thank you popped into my local Morrisons today and managed to get 3," she wrote, alongside a picture of the cases.

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However, she added that the cases weren't "marked up though", and she had to ask at the checkouts for them to check if they were discounted.

"Had to take to till as marked up £44," she wrote.

She also only managed to get one medium and two small cases, as all the large ones had gone.

"Thanks for the heads up got the last one in my shop," another added.

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As someone else wrote: "Very limited – got 2 this morning at 7 am.

"Reward for working for morrisons and being on the early shift – staff discount too.

"Happy days!"

"Need it," another comment read.

"Omg! I’m gonna have a hunt round," someone else added.

While another wrote: "Cheaper than the car boot!"

"Wow they are a good price aren't they," someone else marvelled.

As another commented: "That's an awesome bargain. Good find!"

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However, a former baggage hauler at Manchester airport said that while the hard casing will last, the wheels on the cases aren't likely to.

"The wheels are the Achilles heel; they will snap off any suitcase unless made of toughened plastic/ carbon fibre," he added.

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