I have the worst neighbour – her fence fell down and she refused to fix it, I had to pay £800 so I took revenge | The Sun

I have the worst neighbour – her fence fell down and she refused to fix it, I had to pay £800 so I took revenge | The Sun


EVERYBODY wants to get on with their neighbour.

But sometimes that just isn't the case as one man revealed on TikTok.

Taking to TikTok, the man, who is a builder, claimed he had he had the 'worst neighbours in the world,' after they got into a fencing dispute.

In the short clip, the man revealed that his neighbours fence had broken and fell into his garden and that she refused to pay for a new one.

According to him he showed her the planning permission – which would suggest it was his neighbours responsibility, but she disagreed.

In the video, he shows the broken wall which exposes his neighbour's unkept garden.


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He added: "Look at the state of her garden."

The man then took matters into his own hands and fixed the fence and painted it for £16.99 despite a builder quoting him £800 to do the job.

In retaliation to his neighbour not fixing the fence, he decide to take revenge and give all of her furniture a paint job as well.

He then showed himself spraying her furniture with the paint he used on the fence.

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In a comment under the video he added it was an 'accident,' writing: "Nope. By accident."

He added: "Follow to show support, act against bad neighbours," but not everyone agreed.

People took to the comments section to po8int out she may not have had the money to pay for one.

One person wrote: "When my fence broke I didn’t have the money to pay for the replacement. My neighbours hated me for it. I was barely affording to eat at the time."

Another commented: "I wonder if they're struggling with things that make their garden a low priority."

A third penned: "What if she just didn’t have the money ."

The man replied, saying she did have the money; "She clearly did, as she had her bathroom done next."

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