I have natural big boobs and they give me loads of problems – but on the plus side they make great stress balls | The Sun

I have natural big boobs and they give me loads of problems – but on the plus side they make great stress balls | The Sun


WHETHER you have big, small, perky or droopy boobs – they all come with their own lists of pros and cons.

One woman, who is a cup size G, revealed some of the issues she has with having big boobs.

Vanessa shared the video on her TikTok account, vaninileon, and had an entire list of problems she had from her big bust.

"You can all judge me if you want, but sometimes having bib boobs sucks," she begins.

"Getting dress coded when others don't," and "being s**t shamed when wearing a regular top."

"Unwanted attention and stares," and being "sexualised from a (way too) young age," also made the list.


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Vanessa also finds it difficult to wear clothes that suit her body shape, adding it's impossible to find swimsuits and that clothing brands often ignore their needs.

On top of that, having big boobs comes with a host of physical problems, such as bad posture, rashes, back pain and discomfort when exercising.

But it's not all doom and gloom, as Vanessa shared some of the pros that come with having big boobs.

In another video she revealed: "It's a love-hate relationship," but that she wanted to talk about some of the positives.

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One pro is that if you are feeling stressed out and agitated, you literally have stress balls attached to you to help calm you down.

"They are so much fun to play with," Vanessa adds.

"Say goodbye to your handbag, who needs that when you have enough storage space right there?"

Vanessa explained you can also balance a bunch of stuff on them, and you always have an excuse to spend lots of money on shopping as bras for big bobs are super expensive.

And it wasn't long until the comments section was flooded with comments.

One wrote: "I’m always so insecure about mine but this made me feel so much better, thank you."

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"Nah, unfortunately none of that is enough for me to love them or even like them, biggest insecurity ever for me," added another.

A third commented: "Wow I actually feel much better about them now! I have them too and I hate them."

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