I have big boobs and tried the viral Skims dress – it was underwhelming and showed everything | The Sun

I have big boobs and tried the viral Skims dress – it was underwhelming and showed everything | The Sun


A FULLER-BUSTED woman has shared her discomfort with the viral Skims dress that has been making waves online.

The curvy content creator said the dress was underwhelming and showed a little more than she wanted it to.

Estee (@esteeisonline) is a content creator that posts videos related to lifestyle topics, such as fashion and makeup.

As a larger-chested woman, she represents how style trends look on a woman with her curvy shape, so they "don't have to."

In a TikTok video, she shared her disappointment over the fit of the viral Soft Lounge Long Slip dress, $78, from Kim Kardashian's prized clothing brand, Skims.

The dark-haired woman documented how underwhelmed she was with the end result.

First, when the creator pulled the dress out of the packaging she had a surprised look because she thought she ordered the matte black or Onyx color.

She received the Soft Lounge Shimmer Long Slip Dress, $48, instead.

Estee turned her back to her audience as she slipped on the number.

"Overall, I felt the dress was underwhelming," she stated. "I guess because it's from a shapewear brand, I thought it would act like shapewear, but that really wasn't the case."

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She did not like how the dress "showed everything" and did not like how it pushed her ample bosom downwards instead of giving the lift she wanted.

"I think if I wore this at a party, I would feel uncomfortable," she added. "And for $130 that shouldn't be the case."

To conclude the many points made in the video, she captioned it "they can't all be winners I guess."

Her honesty about the Kardashian-owned clothing item was well-received by many viewers.

"This is the review I needed! *removes from wishlist*," a fan commented.

"Tysm for this review…honestly you're the only person whose camera quality shows the thinness of the fabric…I had my suspicions about this dress for me," another chimed in.

"I think it still looks amazing on you. But if you don’t feel good in it, it’s not the right thing," a TikTok user wrote.

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