I have big boobs & am obsessed with my plunging bra – it lets me wear tops with deep V necklines | The Sun

I have big boobs & am obsessed with my plunging bra – it lets me wear tops with deep V necklines | The Sun


A BIG-BUSTED woman has shared the secret to why she looks great in V-neckline tops, and it all starts with the perfect plunging bra.

The large-chested woman shared the plunging bra trick she's used for years that creates her enviable bust line, even when she's wearing low-cut tops.

Lara Miller Rosenthal is the mind and face behind the Instagram account Big Boobie Bible.

On the social platform, she provides reviews and recommendations of lingerie, flattering tops, and bras geared toward those with a fuller bust.

In an Instagram reel, she reveals the bra hack she's kept to herself for years that is the secret to her amazing chest.

The video is geared toward women who struggle with finding the right bra to both support and complement the bust of a woman who wants to show out in a low-cut dress or top.


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"So this has been my secret bra for years, and I'm about to share it with you," Rosenthal says at the start of the video.

She is wearing a brown form-fitting long-sleeve dress with a deep low cut that is a few inches above her belly button.

To showcase why a regular bra wouldn't work with the dress, the bra expert noticeably wears a nude push-up bra that clashes heavily with the chic dress.

"I always thought there's no way I can wear a bra with this. I can't go braless, so there's no point in me buying," she explains as she gestures to the dress on her body.

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Rosenthal soon shares the bra tip and displays her accentuated bosom.

"Well, as you can see, I have a fabulous shape. You can't see a bra, and fun fact, I am wearing a bra," she says.

The bra she is wearing to emphasize her lifted and supported bust is the Wonderbra Women's Ultimate Plunge Underwire Bra, $23, on Amazon.

The sizes of the Wonderbra range from an A to an F, suitable for almost every woman.

"I'm actually a 30GG. And I've squeezed myself into a 30F, which I know isn't my right size, but for the sake of a dress like this, I don't mind, since it's not really covering my boobs," the big-busted woman admits.

The bra has a deep plunging V-shape in the front and provides support around the bosom.

The straps are actually detachable, so it works well for strapless tops and dresses.

Rosenthal closes out the video by mentioning that the bra is "an absolute lifesaver when it comes to these types of tops."

Her fashion advice did not go unwarranted, and a viewer in the comment section of the video proved that right.

"Thanks for the tip! Let’s hope they expand the size range one day then, or maybe a brand like Curvy Kate can make their own version. Do you know what band sizes they carry in this one?" a user inquired.

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