I have a body like a Coke bottle – men say they’re ‘on full throttle’ every time they see me | The Sun

I have a body like a Coke bottle – men say they’re ‘on full throttle’ every time they see me | The Sun


FANS can't get enough of a TikTok star's stunning figure and her curves that remind them of an iconic drink.

The gorgeous woman looks like an "Instagram model," and her looks are revving up viewers.

Content creator Caroline Zalog (@carolinezalog) is 25 and posts slice-of-life content on her immensely popular TikTok.

The influencer took part in a recent trend on the app, showing off her body and winning hearts in the process.

Her video started off with a casual moment Zalog captured in her car.

Sitting in the driver's seat in a white hooded sweatshirt, with her hair in a bun, she looked fresh-faced and dressed down.

Then, in a dramatic transition, the clip changed, and Zalog was dressed to the nines.

She swapped her baggy sweatshirt for a snug white bandage dress with revealing cutouts.

Running her hands over her chest, waist, and thighs, Zalog lip-synced along to the viral song Talk by Renni Rucci.

"Look like an IG model," she mouthed, along with the line "Body shaped like a Coke bottle."

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Flipping her hair, Zalong smirked as she walked up close to the camera.

Men in the comments section jumped at the chance to compliment the content creator.

"You actually look like an Instagram model," one wrote, insisting Zalog fit the lyrics of the song.

Another man was rendered dumbstruck by Zalog's looks, and just wrote "Wow."

"I am on full throttle every time I see ya," one admirer said. He added an emoji of a sweating, nervous person.

And some viewers kept it simple, like one who just commented, "What a beautiful girl."

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