I hated my flat & droopy boobs after having kids so I got filler in them – now I don’t even need a bra they look so good | The Sun

I hated my flat & droopy boobs after having kids so I got filler in them – now I don’t even need a bra they look so good | The Sun


A WOMAN has opened up about her body transformation and how she went from having flat and droopy boobs to perky and full in just 30 minutes. 

TikTok user @isaperez explained she hated her chest after having children and so she decided to plump them with filler – and now she doesn’t even have to wear a bra. 

Detailing her body journey, @isaperez told her followers: “Long story short, before I got pregnant I was so happy about my boobs.

“They were big, perky, lifted – everyone thought they were fake and they weren’t. I was just so proud of that.”

However, she went on to say she noticed a big change once she welcomed her kids and started breastfeeding.

@isaperez continued: “After I breastfed, the whole life and soul left the building out of my breast.

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“What happened was that the size was still there but there was no volume, so they were just flat and long.

She said that through going up and down in weight, she also noticed that the skin on her chest had become “wrinkly” and “horrible,” likening them to a deflating balloon. 

So @isaperez decided to take action and looked into different procedures after deciding against a boob job.

She continued: “I came across boob fillers – refilling up your boobs. I went to Derma Beauty Clinic and I filled up my boobs. 

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“It’s like you’ve got this sad balloon and you’re blowing it, and it’s back to being full and inflated again.”

@isaperez said she was thrilled with the results of her “volume” and “cleavage”.

She added: “Before I used to always have to wear a bra and buy certain clothes I could wear with a bra to give me a bit of a lift.”

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She then shared before and after footage showing the clear comparison and said that while they still needed to “settle” slightly, she doesn’t regret her decision at all. 

@isaperez concluded: “I’m so happy and my boobs feel happy again.”

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