I grew up in a boring beige home so took my own place to another level of colour – people are stunned when they see it | The Sun

I grew up in a boring beige home so took my own place to another level of colour – people are stunned when they see it | The Sun


A WACKY homeowner has revealed her house is more colourful than she ever could have imagined as a child – and she’s proud that it’s “tacky”.

Birdie Wood’s pad is furnished with oversized crayons, branded ornaments such as Coca-Cola and Mr Peanuts, countless house plants and quirky vases to hold them.

There’s also lego plant pots, giant dominos and gummy bear lights. 

Birdie has dedicated her social media channels to showing off her eccentric pad and thrifting bits for it. 

Her passion for colourful interior stems from growing up in a “colourless” home, pushing her to the other end of the design spectrum.

One of her recent videos detailed the wackiest parts of her home that she thought would send her ten-year-old self “into a coma”. 

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Birdie said: “Here’s some things that I think would send ten-year-old me – growing up in a colourless, minimalist house – into a coma. 

“Definitely my hair clip garden.

“This would have never been an option when I was a kid and now it is… and it would blow my mind.”

The interior whizz has a frame of artificial grass fixed to her yellow wall designed to aesthetically store her hair clips and claws. 

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The clips are a range of colours – from black and white to blue and pink – and are attached to the framed grass at random to mimic how plants grow in nature. 

Another staple of her house is having lots of oversized decorations, like a big hamburger ornament, champagne cork stool and huge martini glass to put lights in. 

Birdie beamed: “I mean, every corner has something oversized.”

She also has an abundance of dog toys that don’t even fit in their allocated basket. 

The lamps are also an interesting part of the house – ranging from Arabic-style hanging lamps to gummy bear ones fixed to the wall.

Birdie continued: “I probably would have fainted seeing a basket ball hoop on the back of any of the doors inside the house. 

“And food stairs were never part of the equation.”

By food stairs, she means each step being dedicated to a type of snack.

The vertical parts of each step are branded as something like chewing gum, Snickers, cheese, butter and pasta. 

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Similarly, Birdie’s fridge is Cheeto branded with magnets such as donuts, gummy worms and loaves of bread stuck on. 

The thrifter also showed off her “silly novelty plates” which are designed as ice-creams and slices of fruit. 

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