I got lip filler but it was botched – I swelled so much a couple of days later but I did get 5.5ml | The Sun

I got lip filler but it was botched – I swelled so much a couple of days later but I did get 5.5ml | The Sun


KIRSTY Gladden wanted a full, juicy pout, so she made an appointment to have 5.5ml of lip filler.

But she was left stunned by the amount of swelling she had following the appointment, and took to TikTok to share a video of the process.

"POV: you have extreme swelling from lip filler," she wrote, as the clip began with a before and after shot from the beauty salon.

She then showed some images of how she looked before, as well as a snap from a "few hours later", when the swelling wasn't too bad.

It was a different story the next morning, as her lips had ballooned and she was barely able to speak.

"How Imma be for the next two days," she wrote over a picture of her holding an ice pack on her pout.

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"If I don’t laugh I’ll cry," Kirsty added in the caption, alongside hashtags including #botchedlips and #gonewrong.

She then took to the comments to insist she wasn't taking aim at the beauty salon, as she's "prone to swelling".

"This has nothing to do with the practitioner, it is normal to swell," she wrote.

"I’m prone to swelling and they went down within a few hours anyway.

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"Btw I have 5.5ml in my lips now so of course they’re gonna be huge."

"Nah but why do I think it’s still a vibe," one person commented on the video.

To which Kirsty replied: "My toxic trait is that I’m going to do the exact same again in a few months."

"I’m just unlucky and blood flows to my face," she added in response to another comment on the video.

"They went down in no time.

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"I have so much filler I was expecting the worst."

"This was me! I felt like the big lip thing from monsters Inc!" someone else commented.

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