I got lip filler and it went badly wrong – I’ve now got lines on my face and people are saying I look like baby Grinch | The Sun

I got lip filler and it went badly wrong – I’ve now got lines on my face and people are saying I look like baby Grinch | The Sun


LIP FILLERS can be pretty hit or miss.

But with more and more people wanting an Instagram worthy pout, it seems that many people are going to extreme lengths to get the lips they desire. 

And one woman got more than she bargained for, when after getting her lips plumped, random lines then appeared on her face.

The beauty lover, known as ‘urdaddyluvssmee’ on TikTok, took to the social media platform to share her lip filler journey.

The 24-year-old posted the video with the caption ‘Someone pls explain’.

In the video we see the woman show off her lip filler, but just above her lips, on both sides of her mouth, she has two new smile lines that have appeared. 

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She said: “Has anyone else got these lines from lip filler?

“I don’t know why this happened.”

The woman’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 630.8k views. 

It has 10.5k likes, 1,113 comments and 422 shares.

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TikTok users quickly took to the comments to advise the woman on what had happened and urged her to immediately get her lip filler dissolved.

Social media users explained that her filler had migrated because she had had too much injected into her lips at one time. 

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One person said: “Filler migration! You don’t have to dissolve the whole lip. The injector can just dissolve around the border to fix it.”

Another added: “That’s because you got too much filler at one time right in the beginning. You’re supposed to gradually do it 0.5 then full”. 

A third commented: “Usually because they filled it too much. It will only go away if you dissolve it”. 

Someone else claimed: “That is serious migration. I am sorry that the practitioner continued filling the lips and not making you aware”. 

Meanwhile, some TikTok users claimed that the woman looks like Cindy Lou Who – the young, sweet girl from the Grinch.

One TikTok user said: “Cindy Loo! looks cute”.

Another added: “I like it. Cindy Loo Hoo vibes”. 

According to Simply Clinics: “Filler Migration is defined as the process of dermal filler spreading or “migrating” to another area beyond the site of injection. 

“You can spot filler migration as it can give that ducky or “shelf-like” appearance above the lip border.

“Migration can occur if a client has their filler done by an injector who is inexperienced and isn’t aware of the structure of the skin. 

“In this instance, sometimes too much filler can be placed in areas which it shouldn’t be or by placing the filler too deep.

“Overfilling when treating with dermal filler is another factor which may increase the risk of filler migration. In the instance of the lips, if too much product has been placed then the filler will have no where else to go except outside of the lip’s border. 

“This can cause that “shelf-like” and ducky appearance that we associate with filler migration.

“Lastly, sometimes migration can be caused by the way that your body has chosen to break down the filler over time. Some practitioners believe that due to the way the mouth constantly contracts, this can cause filler migration over time.”

If your lips have migrated, the experts advise that it can be treated and you mustn’t panic.

They continued: “If you believe that your filler has migrated, then don’t panic, as it can be treated. 

“The beauty of modern-day filler is that it is semi-permanent, so over time your body will naturally break down and metabolise the substance.

“The best option however is to not keep continually filling the lips or face with more product to smooth out the migrated filler. 

“The migration will not be removed this way, so therefore the option in this case is just to start over.

“Filler within the lips or other areas can be dissolved using a product called Hyalase. 

“Hyalase is made up of the chemical Hyaluronidase, which is a soluble protein enzyme.

“It works by breaking up the bonds that hold the Hyaluronic Acid molecules (the filler) together. 

“Once the filler has been dissolved, we would recommend waiting around two weeks until the filler has all been removed and then the lips can be re-filled.” 

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Following the TikTok comments, the woman revealed that she is going to get her lip filler dissolved.


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