I got eyelash extensions before my holiday – I had a patch test but things went badly wrong, I'll stick to strip lashes | The Sun

I got eyelash extensions before my holiday – I had a patch test but things went badly wrong, I'll stick to strip lashes | The Sun


MORE AND more young women seem to be getting eyelash extensions recently, to not only look beautiful, but to save the faff of having to apply mascara. 

But one woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that she got eyelash extensions just before her holiday but was immediately left with regret. 

Sofia, known on TikTok as ‘myqueenalessia’, took to the social media video-sharing platform to reveal what happened when she had eyelash extensions done.

The beauty fan uploaded her video with the caption ‘I will stick to strip lashes’.

She said: “Getting lash extensions gone wrong before my holidays.”

Sofia confirmed that she had had a patch test prior to the beauty procedure, but nothing had flagged up that she was allergic, so the technician said that she was fine to have the treatment done.

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She went ahead with the eyelash extensions and was stunned when her eyes reacted, almost immediately after having them done. 

In the video, we see the beauty fan as she shows off her eyelash extensions in the salon.

When Sofia pulls her eye down, we can see that her eyeball is extremely red and inflamed.

Sofia attempted to remove the eyelash extensions herself, using cotton buds and spoolies.

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The TikTok user decided to remove the eyelash extensions herself, in a bid to ease the irritation.

She showed off the eyelashes that she had managed to remove, as she then revealed her eyes after having removed the eyelashes.

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Her eyes were left very red and she was clearly irritated and in pain, as we see her rubbing a block of ice underneath her eyes. 

Sofia confirmed: “I had the patch test and the fan was used on my appointment.

“It’s the lash tech's fault.

“It was horrible, I got eye drops from a private doctor.” 

Clearly Sofia’s video has shocked many, as in just three days, it has quickly racked up a whopping 562.5k views.

It has 19.4k likes, 283 comments and 269 shares. 

Beauty fans and eyelash technicians quickly took to the comments to comment on the woman’s reaction and what might have happened. 

One person said: “It's because of the eyelash glue!!!you probably had adverse reactions or because of the vapours from the glue”. 

Another added: “That looks like a chemical burn”.

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A third commented: “Getting them removed was the worst thing you could have done, just adding more chemicals to the chemical burn”.

Someone else claimed: “As a lash tech she definitely gave you a chemical burn or bruised your eyes from taping wrong”.

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