I got a complaint at work about my ‘inappropriate’ outfit – I was told my ‘backside was showing too much’ | The Sun

I got a complaint at work about my ‘inappropriate’ outfit – I was told my ‘backside was showing too much’ | The Sun


IT was just a normal day in the office for one young woman when her boss called her aside.

She was chastised for the way her outfit looked – even though it was the standard ensemble she wore every day.

According to Giselle Thanh, who posted about the experience on TikTok, the criticism came as a total surprise.

Boldly recording the video at her desk, Thanh explained what had happened.

"My boss called me into her office saying a manager made a complaint about my work attire," she said.

Standing up, she showed the outfit that sparked a complaint – and from someone else in the company, no less.


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Thanh wore a pair of black trouser-style leggings and a cropped sweater.

The leggings weren't see-through on camera, even in the fluorescent office lighting, and they appeared to have pockets on the sides and back like regular slacks.

The cropped cardigan Thanh wore covered her midriff, too.

The shirt rode up to reveal an undershirt when she lifted her arms, but there wasn't any naked skin hanging out in the front or back.

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She revealed what the actual complaint had been, and she was left shaking her head in confusion over the critique.

"Apparently my backside is showing too much and it's inappropriate," she said.

She turned to show her back in the leggings, letting viewers judge for themselves.

The complaint was especially strange because Thanh had worn similar clothing in the past.

"Leggings are allowed at my job but I was asked to change my leggings today," she wrote in a comment.

Viewers sympathized with Thanh, who seemed stressed and upset by the request to change clothes.

"This happened to me too at my job," one woman wrote.

"My manager claimed that me and my friend got a lot of 'attention' from men," she added. "So unfair."

Of course, like in any online comments section, there were also blatant attempts to flirt with Thanh.

"Want a new job?" a man wrote suggestively. Thanh never responded.

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