I drove five hours and spent £600 on a tattoo… it was so bad I even managed to get a PayPal refund | The Sun

I drove five hours and spent £600 on a tattoo… it was so bad I even managed to get a PayPal refund | The Sun


SOCIAL media is full of millions of carefully edited photos and false advertising – and unfortunately, one ink lover fell for it.

That you shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet is rule most of us have been aware of for years – but for Momma Swaii it's a new lesson that she will never forget from now on.

The tattoo fan, from Canada, decided to get a new image inked by someone she had been following on Instagram.

But after spending £600 and countless hours in the chair, she was so horrified by the outcome, she shared the story time on TikTok.

Initially, Momma revealed in the video, things seemed promising – after all, the snaps the bloke had posted showcased amazing work, so what was there to worry about?

In love with his inkings, Momma didn't contemplate much and drove across the boarder to meet the US-based whizz.

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''Spent about $100 on gas, $130 on a hotel […] and $400 on the tattoo – which, by the way, I paid a deposit for, $200 though PayPal.''

But whilst making the journey, Momma then received a request to pay the remaining sum – $400 – for the tattoo which she hadn't even picked out yet.

This, she recalled, was the first red flag – and unfortunately, there were many more to come.

Upon arriving, Momma realised the bloke didn't work in a salon – instead, he showed up in her hotel room having brought all the necessary equipment with him.

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After some discussion, the two decided to go for a wolf design with flowers all around the animal.

''He goes like 'I'll make it real feminine, it's a she wolf, she'll have lashes all that'.''

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After four hours, the tattoo was finally done – but despite all the time and money spent, Momma was aghast at how bad the inking was.

''You know when you get a really bad haircut and they spin around in the chair […] and you wanna die?

''That's how I felt.''

The tatt enthusiast then revealed the tragic aftermath – and so many things had gone wrong.

Not only did the picture look nothing like what she had expected, there was also a mysterious black patch by the nose.

''What is this? Can somebody please message me and explain to me what that is?'' Momma was beyond confused.

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Luckily, since the major incident, not only has she managed to get a refund for the disaster but also a cover-up in the shape of a blue rose.

Warning everyone to do their research, Momma said: ''Please be careful. Please don't believe what you see.''

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