I became a millionaire before turning 30 – seven rules I live by daily and the best tips to make you rich in 2023 | The Sun

I became a millionaire before turning 30 – seven rules I live by daily and the best tips to make you rich in 2023 | The Sun


A WOMAN who became a millionaire before turning 30 has revealed the seven daily rules she lives by.

We'd all love to see some extra income come our way in the new year – but how do you start?

Well, millionaire Hannah Chan, has revealed it's all about mindset.

In a TikTok video, the millionaire revealed the seven daily rules she lives by and her top tips to help you get rich in 2023.

She said: "The language you use to speak about yourself is either a vitamin or a poison."

Hannah explained that speaking negatively about yourself can have negative consequences as you start to believe those thoughts.


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She revealed you should never talk badly about yourself.

Next, Hannah said the way to make more money is to change your 'money mindset.'

The millionaire said: You have to truly believe you're worthy of making more money before that ever becomes your reality."

'Weaponising your environment' is another rule Hannah swears by.

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She said: "Make small changes in your living space that help you normalise that next level of success."

The next rule Hannah lives by is the 'be-do-have' rule.

She explained: "In order to have something, like a million dollars, you have to become the type of person that makes a million dollars.

"You have to ask yourself – how does that million-dollar version of me think act and behave?"

The millionaire added that you have to think about big purchases through the lens of cost vs investment.

For instance, a course to learn new skills is an investment, whereas buying a designer bag is a cost.

For those who own a business or work freelance, Hannah recommended charging clients based on results rather than hours.

"Even if your hourly rate is really high, we still only have 24 hours in a day which means our income is always going to be capped," she explained.

What most people don't tell you about earning more money is that you'll often lose friends.

But Hannah said this is usually a sign of growth and added: "Every single successful person I know has lost friends in the process."

"Seven life rules that will make you a millionaire. Starting a business or achieving financial success is all about your mindset, not just strategy," Hannah captioned the video.

The video has since gone viral with over XX views and people quickly took to the comments section thanking Hannah for her tips.

One wrote: "Thank you so much!"

Another person commented: "SIS DROPPING GOLD."

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A third penned: "Your advice is so accurate. One must create oneself and invest in oneself."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "This is really good thanks for sharing."

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