I auditioned for Love Island – I dressed like I’d had a one-night stand & there was a key moment I knew I hadn't made it | The Sun

I auditioned for Love Island – I dressed like I’d had a one-night stand & there was a key moment I knew I hadn't made it | The Sun


EVER wondered what those lucky singles have to do to end up in the Love Island villa? 

Luckily Danielle, who applied for the show back in 2019, has taken to YouTube to reveal what really happened when she auditioned for the ITV2 hit dating show. 

Danielle Collins, known online as @daniellecollins8739, revealed that she was approached on Instagram to apply for season five. 

Had she been successful, the then 19-year-old would have been rubbing shoulders with Molly-Mae, Tommy Fury, and Maura Higgins. 

During the 17-minute video, she shares everything that happened during the application process – and reveals the moment she knew she probably wouldn’t make the final cut. 

She said: “So this all started in 2018 when I got a message on Instagram from this management company, and they had managed a few islanders in the past. 


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“They have thousands of followers so I knew it was legit.

“And they just said, ‘hey, have you ever thought of auditioning for Love Island, because there’s obviously a new series happening soon’. 

“And this was the series with like Molly-Mae and everyone, and Tommy Fury and Maura Higgins. 

“So I was like, ‘absolutely, sign me up right now, I’m ready’.

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“What he said was, ‘what you’ll have to do is you fill out the application, and I’ll pass on your name to the producers’, because he obviously had contacts with the producers.”

Danielle goes on to explain what the application process involved, and some of the questions she was asked during the various interviews. 

“So basically you have to do one minute-long video. It is so cringe, I was mortified. 

“But do you know what…you either want to be on it or you don’t, and you have to go hell for leather and if you’re going to go for it, you might as well just go for it because nobody is going to see that video apart from you.” 

“So I did that video and it says like a brief introduction, what you should say in the video. 

“And it’s like talk about yourself, your dating history, want you want in a relationship and stuff.

“So I completely got dolled up to the nines, I had a lace bodysuit on. 

“I actually had nothing else on, I just wore a lace bodysuit, and it was just set up like this, and it was so cringe.” 

She continued: “So I submitted my application probably in the first week of January. 

“I remember it was Christmas because I was sitting here in a lace bodysuit, with my skin out, and it was snowing outside.

“In the third week of January, when I started uni again, I was in a lecture when I got this phone call. 

“So I didn’t answer the phone call because it was a random number…and then I got a voicemail…it was this girl ringing…let’s just call her Emma. 

“So I had this voicemail and it was like, ‘Hi, this is Emma, I’m just ringing you about your Love Island application. I was wondering if you could give me a call back’. 

“So I rang her back straight away and she answered, and it was all really awkward.” 

Danielle goes on to explain that this phone call ended up being her first interview. 

“So she started asking me, basically, about my application. She didn’t really refer to the video as much, it was kind of as if it was a new person speaking to me about it.

“She went in and asked me what I do in my free time, what do I look for in a guy, [and] why do I think I’m still single’. 

The content creator was then invited to an in-person interview, held at one of Hilton Hotels in Newcastle. 

For the interview, held on a Saturday morning in February 2019, she was told to dress as though as was going on a first date. 

“So I went to the audition. I had my tan on, I am fully dolled to the nines here. 

“At half eight in the morning, on a Saturday morning…walking down my street in heels, lace bodysuit, black jeans, and a blazer, and it literally looked like I was coming back from a one-night-stand.”

She added: “I remember thinking I looked like a hooker.”

Danielle goes on to explain what the interview involved – but before even meeting the producers, Danielle clocked she might not make the final lineup. 

“There were 10 girls, maybe 11…in this boardroom. 

“[And] basically I went in and I had the shock of my life. 

“They were all dressed up. I thought I was overdressed. These girls weren’t overdressed…they were so glam. 

“And they were all in these Oh Polly two pieces and had massive fresh curly blow dries. Stunning.  

“I was like, ‘oh no, what have I got myself into?’ 

“I think that second, that split-second, I just knew but I mean, might as well go with it.”

The interview itself consisted of a group discussion on various topics before each girl had a solo interview. 

Talking about hers, Danielle said: “So you go into this room and there’s a massive green screen, and a little lonely stool and all these cameras. All these massive cameras. 

“And like a little mic hanging above. 

“They don’t say what it is, but you can imagine a greenscreen of you in that beach hut or something from Love Island. 

“They say just to look at them when you’re answering the questions. 

“So boom, they go in and ask you, yet again, it seems they were repeating the same questions. 

“‘What do you do in your free time, why do you think you’re single, what do you look for in a guy’ and they say, ‘what’s your worst date you’ve ever had’ to which I made up as I had never been on a date. 

“And I think they might have known as I was waffling. I was so nervous that I was waffling and this lie made no sense. 

“I’m pretty sure I contradicted myself two seconds later in the next question, but anyways. 

“They also asked, ‘if you could get with any islander that was on the show before, who would you choose and why?’ 

“And then they asked me if I’d been with anyone famous, to which I said no, obviously. 

“And they asked ‘what’s your ideal date…what type of friend are you in your friend group?’ 

“‘What’s your ideal man? What do you want from the show?’

She added: “I was expecting a big greenscreen and mics and to be recorded. 

“It was like you were being interviewed like you were on the show, like imagine when they’re sitting on the stools at the start of the show doing their intros. 

She revealed that the next stage would have been to meet the London producers, before being flown out to Mallorca for the show. 

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But Danielle revealed that, unfortunately, no one from this audition actually made it onto the show. 

Fans loved the content creator’s rundown of her interview, with the video gaining more than 9,800 views.

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