I apologise to my daughter every day for the bonkers name I gave her at 18 – I shouldn't be allowed to name my own kids | The Sun

I apologise to my daughter every day for the bonkers name I gave her at 18 – I shouldn't be allowed to name my own kids | The Sun


A MUM-OF-THREE has confessed to apologising to her daughter daily for giving her an 'oddball' name.

Samantha Anderson, from the US, confessed that the name she has given her eldest daughter has made her life more difficult.

The mum took to Quora and asked what others thought of parents who gave their kids weird names – confessing that she was guilty.

She said: "I did it. Occasionally I tell my daughter that I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make things harder for her, really I wasn't."

The mum then shared her three children's names and the reasons behind them while admitting she shouldn't be allowed to name people.

Cairo Persephone, her eldest daughter, Alexander Hale, her only son, and her youngest daughter, Aria Valyrie.


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The mum confessed that she was 18 when she fell pregnant with her eldest and thought it would be a good idea to name her after one of the many romance novels she had been reading.

The main female character was named Persephone and called Sepha, Samantha explained.

She added: "Persephone is the Greek goddess of spring and rebirth and yes the queen of death but I mean you can't escape it so better to rule it right?

"Plus the name is just so pretty. That was going to be her name. Everyone hated it!"

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My daughter is being bullied for 'grandma' name- I told her I didn't like it too

Instead of giving up on the name she decided to use it as a middle name for her daughter, her first name being Cairo.

While the mum thought it would be a much easier name for people to pronounce – her daughter has constantly faced issues with it.

Samantha adds: "I didn't think everyone would think Cairo was a boys name. I didn't think people would mispronounce it CONSTANTLY.

"It's Cairo. It's a very well known city in Egypt. It's not kayro as in corn syrup people! She's not a curio or a cheerio or a churro!"

She said she still loves the name but hadn't realised how wrong it could go for her daughter.

Samantha explains that her son got off lightly when it came to his name and that her youngest daughter was also named after a fictional character like her first daughter.

"We LOVE Game of Thrones and one of our favourite characters is Arya Stark," she explained.

The middle name was a compromise after her husband wanted the name Valkyrie, but went with Valyrie.

And many people shared their thoughts on parents who give their children unique names.

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One wrote: "Parents who give their children baby names, or made up, hippy style names, because it seems cute for a tiny infant, don’t think about the future, when their children go to school, and Mickie will inevitable be corrected to Michael and ‘Peaches frou frou’ just sounds daft; or when the child grows up to be an adult, and needs to hold down a job."

Another added: "I think that the parents are really stupid. The child is stuck with a dumb name for life unless they have the guts to officially change it."

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