How to make the perfect roast potatoes in the Air Fryer and the secrets ingredients that are essential | The Sun

How to make the perfect roast potatoes in the Air Fryer and the secrets ingredients that are essential | The Sun


THE ROAST potato. Arguably one of the best bits of a roast dinner. If they are hot and crispy on the outside and light and flurry in the middle then you know you’ve just been to food heaven.

Everyone knows that the only way to make the perfect roastie is to par boil them and then add them to an oven proof dish.

Sizzle in some goose fat and herbs and let them slowly cook until golden brown.

Potato purists would firmly attest that this is the ONLY way to make the perfect roastie.

However, one food fan is putting that theory to the test by making her roast potatoes in an Air Fryer.

She used some secret ingredients to ensure that they have a light fluffy and crispy finish. 

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Using the handle Chloe_fit, the influencer has posted a video showing how you can make the perfect roastie using the popular machine and the results look phenomenal.

First Chloe filmed herself peeling a bag full of spuds, then she cut them into small pieces and gave them a good rinse . 

Once drained, she placed them in a saucepan and added some sea salt and par boiled them.

Once done she placed the lid back on the saucepan and gave the tatties a vigorous shake. 

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On the parboiled potatoes she added some salt and pepper, thyme, garlic, cornflour oil and paprika. Once those ingredients were added she gave the contents another vigorous shake.

Then using the tray section of the Air Fryer she lined the tray with foil and added the seasoned potatoes and with a spray of some oil sprayand a bit more sea salt it was into the Air fryer.

30 minutes later Chloe revealed a tray of golden brown crispy potatoes that looked absolutely delicious.

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Air Fryer fans flocked to her page to comment on the gorgeous looking roasties.

Follower Tanya wrote: “These look amazing.” While Jo Redfearn819 said: “I did these tonight with chicken and veg, best ones we’ve ever had.” Gabby Duoba added: “How nice do they look.”

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