How to Become a Top-Seller on Poshmark, According to 3 Pros

How to Become a Top-Seller on Poshmark, According to 3 Pros


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Poshmark is a social resale marketplace with over 80 million community members across the US, Canada, Australia, and India. Among them, Gen-Z — who have shown affinity for shopping secondhand — maintain some of the top-selling closets. Repurposing vintage clothing is both a sustainable choice and approved by so many celebrity stylists who are moving fashion forward. While you may not always find red carpet-worthy archival designer pieces on Poshmark, there are over 200 million items for sale spanning price points, categories, and brands (many of which are luxury), from Gucci handbags to wedding dresses.

If you’re interested in getting into the business and selling items from your own wardrobe, but find the Poshmark app interface to be confusing or are unsure where to start, we’re here to help. POPSUGAR spoke to three leading sellers. Olivia Hillier, Lindsay Kopp, and Kaitlin Kao have all made $50,000 or more in total earnings by utilizing the tools offered and developing their own strategies for success. Luckily, they’re shedding light on some of their favorite tricks.

Chloe Baffert, merchandising and curation expert at Poshmark, has also provided the answers to some highly-searched burning questions surrounding the platform, emphasizing the importance of catering to shop owners specifically. “Our goal is to make selling your superpower,” she explained via email. “Whether you’re an occasional seller looking to make some extra money or left your 9-to-5 office job to sell full time, we provide sellers with end-to-end tools that make the process incredibly easy and scalable.”

Ahead, find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about becoming a standout seller on Poshmark.

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