Horrified woman reveals her Tinder date STOLE every single pair of knickers she owned before ghosting her – The Sun

Horrified woman reveals her Tinder date STOLE every single pair of knickers she owned before ghosting her – The Sun


ADMIT it- we've all had our fair share of dating horror stories we'd rather just forget.

But while most of us know what it's like to painstakingly sip through a "quick drink" and resist the urge to bolt, one woman won't be able to forget one disastrous date after her Tinder match stole ALL her underwear and then ghosted her.

Okay – let's unpack this a bit.

Sharing her story with 9Honey, the woman said she would never normally invite a guy back to her place after one date – but was charmed by how "super gorgeous and nice" her date Ben was.

Describing their "amazing chemistry", the woman said: "Only 15 minutes or so into our date, we couldn't keep our hands off each other and one thing led to another."

After two hours on their "perfect date" sharing a bottle of red wine and snogging, the woman recalled how they got an Uber to go back to hers.

When he came out of the shower he asked if he could look in my underwear drawer and said it was a 'major thing' for him…

Like something straight out of a Sex And The City episode, Ben immediately hopped in the shower as soon as they arrived at the woman's flat.

"I thought he was just into being super clean before sex," she added.

However as soon as he came out of the bathroom, Ben asked if he could look in her underwear drawer and claimed it was a "major thing" for him.

Much to his delight, the woman allowed him to choose a negligee for her to wear.

Afterwards, Ben had another shower and – bizarrely – asked the woman if he could have a plastic bag to carry his underwear home. Strange but okay.

Not thinking much of it, the woman gave him the bag and kissed him goodnight before he left.

She continued: "It wasn't until the next morning when I opened my underwear drawer that I realised it was empty."

Suddenly realising that Ben must have taken it, the woman texted her Tinder date who owned up to the theft and promised to return them all next week. Are u okay hun?

She added: "I asked why he took every single thing in my drawer instead of one or two pieces and he didn't reply."

And just when you thought this story couldn't get any weirder, the woman claims her Tinder date proceeded to ghost her – and only ever got in contact with her again to say he'd dropped the underwear back at her place.

"God knows what he'd done with my underwear," she concluded. "I don't want to think about it." *shivers*

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