Hairdresser reveals exactly how much shampoo you should use to get perfect locks – and you’re set to be shocked

Hairdresser reveals exactly how much shampoo you should use to get perfect locks – and you’re set to be shocked


A PROFESSIONAL hairdresser has revealed exactly how much shampoo you should be using when you wash your hair and we guarantee you're probably using far too much.

Sharing their top tips when it comes to achieving the perfect locks, the hair expert known on TikTok as @sarahbrawleyhair shared a how-to video showing the correct way to shampoo your hair.

They were replying to someone who had criticised how much product they had used in a previous video, with the person teasing: "Gurl are we washing hair or armpits? (sic)"

It prompted the expert to share the correct way we should be washing our hair and turns out much less shampoo is needed than you probably thought.

"Are you using too much shampoo? Even with thick hair, you don't need a whole bottle," they claimed in their how-to video that has been watched over 47k times online.

Taking viewers through their hair-washing guide step by step, the expert then said: "First make sure your hair is completely wet!"

Reaching for the shampoo, they squeezed out a 50p sized blob of shampoo onto the palm of their hand – proving less really is more.

Before applying to their client's hair, the hairdresser spread the shampoo across both of her hands.

They explained: "Make sure you work it between your hands before applying and add more water to it whilst you shampoo."

And the key to a shiny head of hair is repeating the process, as the hairdresser added: "You need to shampoo your hair twice."

Working the shampoo into the hair, they then stressed that it should only be used on the scalp as shampoo can actually dry out the ends of your hair.

"You only need to shampoo your scalp," they revealed.

"It can dry the ends out if you take it through the ends. And make sure you shampoo the underneath."

Hair lovers were shocked watching the video, with some left baffled over how much less shampoo is needed.

Seeming unconvinced, one person posted in response: "Gurl I'm like Rapunzel as a human I CANNOT use only that."

However, after watching others figured too much shampoo could be the cause of their hair issues.

Another person commented: "I feel like an idiot thinking I had overly greasy hair turns out I was just using too much shampoo."

Curious to know more, others were seen begging the hair stylist to do the same with conditioner and share another how-to guide.

A third wrote: "Please can you do a guide on using conditioner? I always use far too much."


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