Gardening experts reveal four ways to stop your patio turning green with a £1.50 kitchen staple | The Sun

Gardening experts reveal four ways to stop your patio turning green with a £1.50 kitchen staple | The Sun


GARDENING EXPERTS have revealed the four easy ways you can stop your patio from turning green.

Now summer is approaching, many of us are outside getting our gardens in tip-top condition.

And if you've noticed you're patio has turned green, then the experts have some cleaning hacks to help you get it back to its former glory.

Those of us who live somewhere with a high rainfall (most of the UK) will notice their patio gets green due to mould, moss and mildew growing, which not only looks awful but can be a slippery hazard.

There are four tips and tricks experts recommend to banish it, the first is by using a pressure washer.

This is a great method to remove moss but it should be done with caution.


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Gardening expert Mike from Atlas Ceramics told Yahoo: "What happens with power washers is that it leaves streaks and you can damage the grout.

"If you’ve got stone that’s sensitive, it can start to dislodge and get water underneath."

You can always use specifically designed cleaning products to banish mould and mildew as well, and they'll also prevent more from growing.

Some have no bleach in which makes it safe to use around grass and plants without killing them.

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You could also try a natural method using white vinegar.

You can purchase white vinegar for just £1.50 from Wilkos.

Spray the vinegar onto any algae and moss and let it sit for an hour.

The acid will kill the algae allowing it to be easily removed.

To stop any algae or mould form coming back, make sure you give the patio a good clean with the products above after any heavy rainfall.

You could also use polymeric sand to fill in any paving gaps to stop moss from growing in between them.

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