Forget hourglass curves and thigh gaps: ‘Slim Thick’ is THE body shape celebs are striving for this summer and here’s how to get it

Forget hourglass curves and thigh gaps: ‘Slim Thick’ is THE body shape celebs are striving for this summer and here’s how to get it


IT’S no secret that the “ideal” body image has changed over the years, with women of all shapes and sizes now embracing their figures.

However, it seems that while all bodies are deemed beach ready, there is one in particular that celebs are striving for this summer – Slim Thick.

Long gone are the days when women strove for an hourglass figure or a thigh gap, it is a combination of the two that seems to be the goal for many.

According to Urban Dictionary, the term describes a woman with “with big/toned thighs, plump booty, normal sized hips AND a flat/toned stomach.”

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are two of the most famous celebs boasting the Slim Thick body image.

However, the Kardashians aren’t the only stars to showcase the sought after figure.

Demi Rose boasts both a washboard stomach as well as curvaceous hips that have made her the envy of many women.

Love Island’s Olivia Buckland, who is often praised for representing “real women”, is never shy when it comes to sharing bikini snaps which display her ample cleavage and toned stomach.

Other famous celebs with a booty and a stomach to boot include Amber Rose, Jennifer Lopez and of course the original queen of the curves, Beyonce.

According to Marrisa Mayfield of Equinox gym, there are certain exercises you can do to achieve a both toned and curvy look.

She told Babe: “Focus on donkey kicks or a pilates machine that works your core and your bottom half, so you can slim down on your waist and build up the leg and butt muscles.

“You also should eat clean while restricting carbs, and keep hydrated.”


Experts recommend doing resistence training, that focus on sculpting and toning certain areas of your body.


-50 squats

-25 lunges

-30 second wall sit

-50 donkey kicks (on each leg)


-50 crunches

-25 sit-ups


– 20 push ups



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And Femnique reports that to achieve a such a figure you need to drop "your body fat percentage with the use resistance training to grow your thighs and gluteal muscles."

While some have called the body image “empowering” as it encourages a curvier aesthetic, others are concerned that it is “dangerous.”

One way in which the Kardashians in particular have been known to achieve their Slim Thick figures is with the help of waist trainers.

Professor Mary Jane Minkin told Closer magazine: “It’s uncomfortable, restricts your movements and, if you wear it really tight, it can even make it difficult to breathe and theoretically could cause rib damage.”

So if you're hoping to achieve the Silm Thick physique it is probably best to avoid a waist trainer.

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