Food expert shares the five things to NEVER keep in the fridge – so are you putting your tomatoes in there? | The Sun

Food expert shares the five things to NEVER keep in the fridge – so are you putting your tomatoes in there? | The Sun


A FOOD expert has sparked debate with her video detailing five things you should never keep in your fridge.

Caroline shares cleaning, cooking and food tips on her social media pages, and recently shared a clip showing the reasons why you should keep onions, garlic, tomatoes, honey and bread out of the fridge.

"Garlic in the fridge can cause sprouting twice as fast as garlic stored at room temperature," Caroline began, before adding: "Storing onions in the fridge can make them mouldy and mushy."

"Storing tomatoes in the fridge can make them dull and mealy," she then said.

"Instead, store them on the counter or on a windowsill."

Honey should always be kept in room temperatures because it can "crystallise and seize up" if it's put in the fridge.

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And if you put your bread in the fridge, it will actually "speed up the process that makes it go stale," Caroline claimed.

"If you want to extend its longevity, keep it in the freezer," she said.

In the comments section, people didn't hold back as they weighed in on Caroline's assessment.

"I literally put all those in the fridge except for the honey and it does exactly opposite as said in the video," one wrote.

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"Me with garlic, onions and tomatoes in the fridge right now," another laughed.

"Onions got moldy when I left them outside but they’re perfectly fine when in the fridge?" a third argued.

"Tomatoes in the fridge are a must they’re more firm in my opinion," someone else wrote.

"Every time I put garlic in the fridge it lasts for so long," another said.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was keeping bread outside of the fridge that caused the most controversy.

"Wrong," one raged.

"We keep bread in the fridge and it’s good for weeks! We also store extra loaf in the freezer."

"Disagree with the bread, ours goes bad so quickly if it's not in the fridge," another added.

"I put my bread in the fridge and it’s fine it does not go stale and I also put my garlic and it fine does not go bad," a third wrote.

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