Folk think they’re David Beckham’s top fan but I literally named my kids the same as his, luckily my hubby loves him too | The Sun

Folk think they’re David Beckham’s top fan but I literally named my kids the same as his, luckily my hubby loves him too | The Sun


A MUM has revealed she is such a big fan of David Beckham's that she used his kids' names for hers as well.

Robyn Hoskin, a stay at home mum-of-two took to social media to share her love of the ex-footballer in light of the new Netflix docuseries.

The mum already knew she what she would name her set of Irish twins before falling pregnant with either – inspired by David Beckham, 48, and Victoria Beckham, 39.

In the clip, Robyn was dancing around in her bathroom mirror as she explained she was the ultimate fan of the former England Captain.

"When everyone's out here tryna prove they're Beckham's No.1 fan, but your kids are literally named after his…"

The British mum went on to add that she was thankful her husband, Benj, also turned out to be a big fan so they could copy the footballer's baby names.



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And it seemed the name choices were meant to be as she revealed that throughout the years the name Romeo kept popping up in their lives.

She said: "I literally ALWAYS wanted to call my own son Romeo after I heard Becks use it, then I met Benj & he grew up absolutely worshipping the man!

"Not only that, the first time he met my parents, he wore a jumper that says ‘Romeo’ on it & it was the first jumper I stole of his."

As if that wasn't crazy enough Robyn revealed that her husband even shared the same birthday with Romeo Beckham – which clearly meant the baby name choice was 'meant to be.'

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The pair settle on the name Hudson Romeo for their little boy and of course, they went for Harper for their little girl.

"As for Harper, I mentioned it one day & Benj was obsessed with the name ever since – it just felt right," she continued.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @robynhoskin soon went viral with over 34k views.

Posh and Becks have four children in total, Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 18, and Harper, 12.

Harper recently celebrated her 12th birthday with her famous parents earlier this month.

David and Victoria pulled out all the stops for a special Prada birthday party – including a designer dress made by her mum.

Harper celebrated in style at the fashion house's Prade Caffè in Harrods with her nearest and dearest.

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