Eye-watering cost of the Radford's Christmas revealed – including epic £5k present haul and £300 festive food shop

Eye-watering cost of the Radford's Christmas revealed – including epic £5k present haul and £300 festive food shop


WE can't deny that Christmas is a hugely stressful (and expensive) time for most parents – but when you have 22 kids, the costs shoot through the roof.

As the parents of Britain's biggest family, Noel and Sue Radford always go the extra mile to ensure their ALL kids have a very special Christmas.

But needless to say, this doesn't come cheap – and the proud parents reportedly spent a whopping £5,000 on presents every December and a further £300 on their food shop.

Noel and Sue – who live in Morecambe, Lancashire, with their bumper brood – have lots to celebrate this year after welcoming their youngest daughter Heidie in April and becoming grandparents to baby Ophelia in September.

Here Fabulous takes a look at the eye-watering cost of a Radford Family Christmas – from their epic stash of presents to their lavish decorations.


In previous years, Noel and Sue revealed that they spend between £100 and £250 on each of their children.

So in the months leading up to Christmas, the parents pinch their pennies to save £5,500 to buy the kids' presents.

And while most families simply chuck their presents under the tree when they're wrapped, Sue has a personalised sack for each child so the gifts don't get mixed up – and to save herself having to buy hundreds of tags.

What's more, Noel and Sue also get through a staggering 70 rolls of wrapping paper every year.

Last week, Sue shared a Boomerang video of her living room floor where she had reams of wrapping paper and gift tags alongside piles of wrapped presents.

Captioning her post, she wrote: “This is what my nights look like. Thank goodness we’ve no birthdays in January of February, I need a break from wrapping presents.”

Unsurprisingly, Sue is a bit of a pro when it comes to gift wrapping and considers herself a "demon wrapper".

According to Mail Online, she can wrap 20 presents in just 15 minutes – and can easily get hundreds of gifts ready in a single evening.

Earlier this week, the family posted a video of their HUGE Secret Santa gift exchange on their YouTube channel.

Although the family didn’t reveal their budget, the gifts appeared to cost between £15-£20 each – with Millie receiving a Snow Fairy Lush bath bomb set while Sue happily showed off her new croc-effect handbag.


As a result of the new coronavirus restrictions, most of us will be having a much smaller Christmas celebration this year – but the Radfords are expected to still have at least 24 mouths to feed if their older children visit for the day.

Last Christmas Eve, Sue showed off the enormous Asda order she'd placed – consisting of 24 beers, prosecco, wine, pink gin and soft drinks for the kids.

The weekly food bill for the family usually comes in at around £300 but they splash out even more on their festive food.

When asked whether they have to budget for the amount of food on This Morning, Noel said: “I think we do but we never cost it out because it’s probably not a good idea to actually do that.”

Ruth joked about the cost saying “Does it scare you?” to which Noel laughed “Yes.”

"We prep a lot the night before on Christmas Eve," he added. "We’ve got a table we can fit 16 around, we’ve got an island in the kitchen for another six and some double up."

That said, the family might cut back on the food shop after they were forced to temporarily close their pie shop.

"It’s a massive nightmare really. It’s the busiest time of the year and we can’t get orders in," Sue said in a recent vlog. "We’ve not got any income coming in from the shop. It’s going to hit quite hard to be honest."

The family doesn't rely on benefits and lives off dad Noel’s pie company. 


2020 has been a funny old year – and Sue has gone overboard on Christmas decorations to make up for it.

In a recent YouTube video, she said: "I got loads actually. We’ve got quite a bit but I think everyone’s doing the same this year.

"Because we’ve had such a rubbish year, and not been able to do anything, everyone’s been willing to go all out.

"We never usually get Christmas decorations for outside but this year I thought ‘no I’m going to get them’."

At the beginning on the month, Sue, revealed the family home has over SEVEN trees as part of their bumper festive celebrations. 

As well as their trees in their lounge, kitchen and front porch area, Sue has placed colourful ones in four of her kids’ rooms. 

She shared a photo of a thin tree with colourful baubles that now lives in Archie, Oscar and Casper’s room, while Hallie, Phoebe and Bonnie get their own white version. 

Two further trees have been placed in other bedrooms, including a vibrant rainbow-coloured one. 

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