Consider Us Positively Green-Eyed Over Moira's Impeccable Style on Schitt's Creek

Consider Us Positively Green-Eyed Over Moira's Impeccable Style on Schitt's Creek


Consider Us Positively Green-Eyed Over Moira’s Impeccable Style on Schitt’s Creek

Television has been starving for a fashion girl as iconic as the Carrie Bradshaws and Serena Van der Woodsens of yesterday, and costume designer Debra Hansen and co-creator Dan Levy have given us an all-you-can-eat buffet in Schitt’s Creek. Perhaps the only thing more hyperbolic than Moira’s colorful vocabulary and Sunrise Bay plot lines is her wardrobe. Queen of the macabre and theatrical, Moira’s outfits are a character unto themselves.

The wide place in the road the Rose family now calls home presents the perfect dichotomy for the capes, chainmail, studs, and sky-high boots Catherine O’Hara finds herself in when in character. “[Moira’s wardrobe is] strong and it’s armor, which is perfect when you’ve had your life ripped out from under you,” Catherine told The New Yorker. The fashion is also a constant reminder of the wealth this family once had. With designer names attached to it from Alexander McQueen to Givenchy, there’s no need to beat the initial premise into the ground. As Levy said in an interview with Vogue, “When you’re wearing archival Balenciaga, people get the point.”

For Moira in particular, the inspiration came from heiress Daphne Guinness, whose style exudes confidence. Much like Ms. Guinness, the team adopted a grayscale palette for Moira’s own aesthetic, and added more costume jewelry than a spine should be able to handle, and a pair of fun stockings to every look. The finished product is a wild sartorial adventure every episode invites us to join. The former soap star’s designer threads demand the viewer’s attention whenever she walks on screen. Just read on and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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