Cleaning fan shares easy way she gets her Scrub Daddy sponges spotless to avoid buying new ones | The Sun

Cleaning fan shares easy way she gets her Scrub Daddy sponges spotless to avoid buying new ones | The Sun


SCRUB daddy sponges are a sensation. 

And now with, scrub mommy and scour daddy the brand is unstoppable.

But the scour daddies are made to tackle some of the worst sticky and stuck-on debris. 

The ArmorTec mesh and FlexTexture foam make scrub and scourdaddy are fast drying and odour resistant. 

But sometimes one you’ve scrubbed out that old burnt casserole it can leave you with food particles all over your scour daddy that simply won't come off in water. 

One cleaning fan has a hygienic and efficient way to clean your scour daddy so you don’t need to buy new ones. 

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Emily Phillips has a TikTok account called plantloverr.

If you have seen any of her videos you will know she cooks a lot so she probably has a lot of dirty dishes that need some scrub daddy cleaning. 

Emily revealed her hack to cleaning her scrub daddy sponges in one of her latest videos.

Emily has positive reviews for scrub daddy sponges including the scour daddy sponge: “I bought a three pack of these, they’re the best scrubbers ever but they're expensive”.

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But Emily confessed she didn’t want to keep replacing these and had found an effective way to clean them and make the pack of three last longer.

She said: “You can throw these in your washer and reuse them”.

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Emily broke down her method for cleaning the sponges.

She said: “All I do is put them in my washer with my laundry whenever I’m done using them for my dishes”.

The cleaning fan showed her viewer the sponges.

The sponges after use, the sponges after they had been put in a washing machine and the sponges after they had been put in a dryer.

Emily revealed: “It has saved me so much money and they look so good”.

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Emily confirmed she has done this before with great results.

She said: "I’ve washed them in the washer and dried them in the dryer at least two times. This will now be the third time !!”

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