Christmas is officially on its way, and as we hit the 100 day countdown we reveal how to save hundreds this December

Christmas is officially on its way, and as we hit the 100 day countdown we reveal how to save hundreds this December


THURSDAY marks 100 days to Christmas, so it’s time to start your festive prep countdown.

If you’re shopping extra early this year, we have some Christmas crackers to help you save on Xmas essentials.  

But if you need to top up your festive fund first, here are the easiest and most affordable ideas to get your savings jingling too.


1.  Start with stocking fillers. Scour pound shops or the ‘When it’s Gone, It’s Gone’ section in supermarkets for bargains to stash away for the big day.

Golden Globe Ornament, £2 at Poundland

2.  Sign up for your favourite supermarket’s online delivery service now, to get first dibs on an Xmas delivery slot and at a lower price too. Try Morrison’s Delivery Pass or Ocado’s Smart Pass.

3.  Most supermarkets are already stocking festive food. Stock up early when you see a top offer.

Cadbury Festive Friends 150g, £1 at Morrisons

4.  Check your Xmas decorations early. Throw out anything broken, work out what you can upcycle and make a list of what you want to buy so you don’t pay over the odds in November or December.  

Set of 2 Burgundy or Silver Baubles, £1.09 at

5.  Beer, wine and spirits are easy to store for the festive season. Snap them up on offer during September and October.

Foster's Lager Beer Cans 18 x 440ml, was £14 now £10.99 at Morrisons. (Offer not available in Scotland)


1.   Do the Daily Save Challenge: Simply pop away a set amount each day into a jar or savings account. Save a £1 a day and you’ll have £100 by Christmas. If you can afford more, £2.50 a day will net you £250.

2.   Do a ‘Home Cash Hunt’. Scour your drawers for unused gift cards or coins and check your email accounts for e-Cards and Amazon vouchers.

3.  Set up a cashback account and use it to save on all your shopping, including bills, groceries and food. It will store the cashback until you need to ‘cash out’ at Christmas.

4.  Check your savings points. Schemes including My Morrisons, Nectar, Tesco Clubcard and the Boots Advantage Card automatically save points as you spend. Allocate your total to your Xmas shop.

5.  Have a Christmas clear out. Haven’t used an item since last Christmas? Sell it and bank the cash for this year.

Prices correct at time of going to press. Deals and offers subject to availability.


TODAY’S the day to say hooray for your TA. It’s National Teaching Assistants’ Day, created to recognise the valuable contribution Teaching Assistants make to children’s education and support.

There are over 244,000 Teaching Assistants working in schools across the UK and a huge 96 per cent of headteachers believe TAs add value to their school.

Although of value to all parents, TA’s have a special place for SEN families, with 44 per cent agreeing they want more Teaching Assistants in UK schools.

A spokesperson for National Teaching Assistants’ Day said: “We want schools and families across the UK to join in acknowledging the Teaching Assistant Lockdown heroes of 2021.”


1.  How to celebrate National Teaching Assistants Day

Have a think about the great work that teaching assistants do in your school. Consider the lessons that would have been so much harder without them, and the bonds that they form with pupils. Nominate your stand-out superstars on the website for the Teaching Assistant of the Year award

2.  Take a selfie with your Teaching Assistant, You can share them on social media using #NationalTADay

3.  Ask you school to throw a party for their TAs and pupils. You can download free resources at

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