Charity shop asks fans if people can tell the difference between her fake Chanel bag and a real one – so can you? | The Sun

Charity shop asks fans if people can tell the difference between her fake Chanel bag and a real one – so can you? | The Sun


IT'S often easy to spot a replica designer bag when you're up close.

But one woman has left people stumped after showing two bags – one of which is a real Chanel handbag, and one she picked up for £2 at the charity shop.

"Which is real, which is fake?" Fiona wrote above her picture in the Charity Shop Lovers group on Facebook. "[I] bought [one] for £2.00 today."

On the left as you look at the picture is a black quilted bag, with the famous CC logo on the front, and silver metal chain straps. Next to it is one that looks incredibly similar, although it's beige.

People were quick to share their assessments of the bags, with one writing: "I think black looks better quality".

Someone else said: "Beige looks softer leather," and another added: "I would say the black one is fake."

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However, the majority of people insisted that the black bag is the genuine one, and the beige is the replica.

"The black is real but it took me a while to realise so the cream one must be a really good copy," one wrote. "Well done getting it at that price. Lovely bags."

"If any are real it's the black one," another added and explained: "The cream one doesn't have any stitching in the cross over of C's in the logo."

"Black one's real stitching much more on point," someone else wrote. "Plus the strap rings if you zoom in, engraving on them.

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"However, doesn't matter both stunning bags I've a few good fakes myself from charity shops .

"Black one is real the stud hole is bigger and the bag looks stiff," another commented.

"Right one is fake I'd look soft and is opening on side with smaller handle handle hole."

"Great find. I've been looking for one like this for ages," someone else said.

Following the hundreds of comments she got on the post, Fiona returned to set the record straight.

"The black one is real a gift before the end of a 28 year marriage," she wrote.

"Apparently he just wanted to be by himself except he ended up with a work colleague – at least I don't have to listen to his snoring anymore!"

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