Celebs Debut Their Quarantine Hair, Bushy Beards & Glorious Grays

Celebs Debut Their Quarantine Hair, Bushy Beards & Glorious Grays



“Oh you didn’t think I was gonna hit the glow up during Covid?” the singer joked in his Instagram caption, posted on Sept. 22.

“Tag someone that didn’t know I had natural curls and enter in a chance to win my secret recipe for the perfect dangles,” he cheekily added.

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Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman had hearts racing when his girlfriend, Ana Corrigan, posted a photo of the Hunters actor with a scruffy beard, wavy salt-and-pepper hair and a mask (of course!) to her Instagram Story on Aug. 30. The new look is a stark departure from the short brown had since playing Percy Jackson — and we’re totally here for it.

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Kumail Nanjiani

On August 3rd, the actor posted a sweet selfie with wife Emily V. Gordon while sharing his quarantine hair and experience so far.

“Hair’s gone crazy. Sick of everything I can cook. My couch is my frenemy. My cat is plotting something but I don’t know what it is,” he wrote before adding, “Let’s keep going.”

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Patton Oswalt

The comedian tweeted a side-by-side look at himself on April 1, compared to April 30 and the difference is pretty clear.

“Doing great!,” the star quipped.

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KJ Apa

Apa shared his beard trimming chronicles on Instagram on April 15, posting seven different selfies in a photo slideshow that showcased each phase.

The first shot shows the Riverdale star rocking a full mustache and beard. Then in each of the following photos, Apa’s facial hair slowly disappears until the very last shot, which reveals his beardless chin.

This selfie was posted right before the last pic, which shows just a bit of beard left before he buzzed it all off.

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Armie Hammer

“Killing the game,” Hammer captioned his April 15 snap of his drastic hair transformation on Instagram. The star looks unrecognizable in his new mohawk and handlebar mustache.

Just hours before showing off his new cut, the On the Basis of Sex star gave his followers a hint that the new style was coming by sharing a sneak peek of the damage done on his Instagram Story.

“I’m fine,” he wrote over a photo of his painted toenails surrounded by pieces of hair.

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Chris Pratt

The actor showed off his “quarantine Wolverine” look on his Instagram Story on April 6. With his hair up on its ends and his beard growing out, Pratt resembled Hugh Jackman’s version of the comic book character, and even gave his best superhero stare to complete the look.

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Stephen Colbert

Another star who now resembles a movie character is The Late Show host. 

Colbert tweeted, “I might need a haircut,” on April 7 before adding the hashtag “#HeatMiser” 

The resemblance is definitely there, and a Twitter user made it known by responding with a gif of the fictional character, commenting, “But just think about Halloween possibilities!” 

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DJ Khaled

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-7fqQBJD5Y/DJ Khaled/Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-7fqQBJD5Y/DJ Khaled/Instagram
https://www.instagram.com/p/B-7fqQBJD5Y/DJ Khaled/Instagram

“THEY DONT WANT ME TO GET A HAIRCUT SMH !” the star joked on Instagram on April 14, after social media users roasted him online for showing off his new, scruffier look.

“I will get haircut I will figure it out soon lol 😂,” he continued. “Quarantine alert 🚨”

“Im get my Barbour a space suit stay tuned !” he continued.

“I NEED MY BEARD 🧔 OIL ! Lol !” he added.

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Carey Hart

https://www.instagram.com/p/B975j-bHoIe/Carey Hart/Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/p/B975j-bHoIe/Carey Hart/Instagram
https://www.instagram.com/p/B975j-bHoIe/Carey Hart/Instagram

The father of two documented his “#FullMetalQuarantine” transformation on Instagram in late March.

He first showed off his longer locks in a video slideshow, saying, “So, I figure I won’t be able to go to the barbershop anytime soon, so…” before revealing his buzzed, “full metal quarantine” haircut in a second clip.

“That’s my f—– guy right there,” wife Pink lovingly wrote in the comments.

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Johnny Knoxville

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-5cCz_HuvP/Johnny Knoxville/Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-5cCz_HuvP/Johnny Knoxville/Instagram
https://www.instagram.com/p/B-5cCz_HuvP/Johnny Knoxville/Instagram

“Don’t tell anyone but I’m no longer a natural brunette;),” the star quipped on Instagram. “I haven’t been for over 20 years so today I decided to cut my hair down to the roots to match my quarantine beard.”

“I should start a challenge but I don’t want to call anyone out,” he wrote. “Hugs to everybody!❤️”

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