Celebrities Have Committed to 2021's Most Chaotic Pants Trend

Celebrities Have Committed to 2021's Most Chaotic Pants Trend


Our approach to outrageous fashion trends usually goes something like this: we gasp, we cringe, we joke about it with our friends, until eventually we turn a corner, and the whole thing sort of grows on us. It's happened before, with items such as cardigans (which initially reminded us of a grandma) and bucket hats (which felt juvenile for a second — before we fully stocked up). So, we're kind of expecting to feel similarly about 2021's most chaotic look: hole-punched pants.

These are your "ovary cutouts," your "thong jeans," they're any pants with strategically placed cutouts, commonly but not exclusively found around the hip area.

Spring 2021 collections did warn us that holes could become the new polka dots, but we couldn't have predicted they'd take off like they have. All summer long, ovary cutouts and thong pants (this is what we're calling those chaotic numbers that are half thong-like, and half like your waistband is separating from the hip part of your jeans) popped up on our favorite celebrities. Bella Hadid showed off this hip-highlighting look with an otherwise simple black pair of pants. Kim Kardashian also wore another version of the trend, walking around Vatican City in a lace, ovary cutout dress.

While front cutout pants were no doubt the item that made the headlines every time, holes placed more toward the side, like a Wild West holster only for flesh, quickly became a must-have for bold fashion-lovers everywhere. This look — which reminds us of Y2K's visible thong trend and Maddy from Euphoria's sexy carnival outfit — was embraced by both designer and fast brands, with versions being sold at Area and Zara.

Even stars like Saweetie were fully on board. She took this bold piece to the stage, performing in the sparkly set shown above.

Plus, can't forget the rise of thong jeans. While a tad shocking and chaotic-looking at first, it's a trend we assume will only grow throughout the fall, as we welcome back pants and hope to spice things up after ditching those skinnies. Influencers are already showing us how to wear this bottom, bringing them down to Earth a little with simple items like solid crop tops and boots.

Of course it's not just cutout pants having a moment, but hole-y clothes in general. Singer Dua Lipa alone is practically single-handedly pioneering this attention-grabbing detail. On Instagram, she has shared photos of herself wearing cutout dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and tops from brands such as Marshall Columbia, Courreges, and even Poster Girl. She's also combined cutouts with another one of 2021's wilder styles, pully tops. (We asked for Hot Girl Summer, and we definitely got novel ways to show more skin in any outfit.)

Although 'naked dresses' always seem to be a celeb favorite, both on the red carpet and off, cutout dresses might just be coming for that top slot. Jordyn Woods' LBD, for instance, was the perfect example of how to embrace the trend, making a sexy statement for a night out.

Right now, cutout are still considered a big fashion risk, but the longer we stare at these wide-legged white jeans, slash thighless chaps, slash shorts hybrids, the more they start to make perfect sense. Who knows? By this time next year, cutout pants may just be another bold-ish staple, hanging right alongside our collection of vest-shirts and ankle-breaking platforms.

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